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How to create a WordPress blog

How to create a WordPress blog - WordPress is one of the best content management systems in the world and you can create the best blog for you in a few minutes. WordPress is also the first choice for most bloggers because you get unlimited plugins and themes, with which you can make your blog more attractive than on other platforms.

By the way, it's easy to create a blog on WordPress, but for a new blogger who doesn't know much about blogging and WordPress, it's pretty difficult to make a WordPress blog.

With all these problems in mind, I have written an article today, through this article I will tell you the complete step-by-step guide to creating a blog on WordPress. That's why you should stay up to date until the end of this article.

So let's start this article without delay.

How to create a WordPress blog
How to create a WordPress blog.

What is WordPress

WordPress is an open-source content management system written in PHP and MySQL languages for the computer. You can create your blog or website on WordPress in just a few minutes. WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for creating a blog.

WordPress is also of two types, one of which is WordPress.com the other WordPress.org, and both are different platforms. In WordPress.com, you can also create a blog without a domain name or web hosting, but there are a lot of restrictions on it.

While in WordPress.org, you must create a self-hosted blog, for which you need a domain and hosting. Today's article will teach you how to create a blog on WordPress.org.

How to create a blog on WordPress :

    1. Domain purchase and hosting.
    2. Installing WordPress.
    3. Install the required extensions for the WordPress program.
    4. Install a lightweight theme.
    5. Create all pages in the blog.
    6. Tell Google about your blog.
    7. Start writing articles on the blog.

                Let's now know in detail all these seven steps.

                1. domain purchase and hosting

                When you decide on the topic of blogging and choose WordPress for blogging, you first need to purchase the domain and hosting to create a blog in WordPress is not possible to create a blog on WordPress without a domain and hosting.

                The website for the domain name is specified on the internet while hosting is an online storage in which the content of the Website is stored and posted on the internet.

                If you are a beginner blogger, you can buy hosting from Bluehost company, Bluehost is the best hosting provider in the world and is officially recommended by WordPress.This is a very fast hosting.

                Bluehost provides a very affordable hosting service, and their support is excellent, they solve any of your problems instantly. Besides, in every plan for Bluehost Hosting, you get a domain name completely free of charge, and this will also save your domain money.

                In general, Bluehost is the best hosting for a new blogger. If you have any trouble getting hosting from Bluehost, then you can read this article - How to buy hosting from Bluehost.

                2. Installing WordPress

                After purchasing the domain and hosting, you must link them together and then install WordPress on cPanel for hosting. Installing WordPress becomes very easy if you purchase hosting and a domain from the same company.

                3. Install the required extensions for the WordPress program

                Install the plugin according to the type of blog you want to create. According to your requirements, install the appropriate plugin for any feature you need.

                You can read this article to learn about the essential plugins for a simple blog - the basic plugin for a WordPress blog.

                4. Install a lightweight theme

                Install a fast, lightweight, responsive upload theme in your WordPress blog. Never use a Heavy Theme that contains unused Java and CSS, as it increases the loading speed of the website and the ranking of your website may decrease. Try to make the appearance of the site simple.

                The best theme for a WordPress blog is GeneratePress. This responsive and lightweight theme has a low cost and a very high loading speed. You will find the GeneratePress Theme installed on most blogs.

                5. Create all pages in the blog

                After designing the blog by installing the theme and plugin, create all the mandatory pages for the blog, such as about us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, etc. It is essential to have these pages in the blog. You can create all these pages very easily through online tools, or make all the pages through our website.

                6. Tell Google about your blog

                After completing this process, you should also tell Google about your blog. To tell Google about your blog, Google has created a tool known as Google Search Console.

                When you submit your blog to Google Search Console, Google crawlers start crawling your website, and slowly within a few days, your website starts to appear in Google.

                7. Start writing articles on the blog

                This way your blog will be fully set up, now you have to publish posts on your blog regularly, if you want you can print a post every day, 2 or 3 a week. Keep the day of publication and the time of publication constant. This means that you have to post in a table.

                To write a good article on the blog you can read the suggested articles below :

                • How to write an SEO-friendly article
                • How to write a blog
                • How to write an article on the blog
                • The right way to blog

                This way you can create a blog on WordPress very easily.

                Is it easy to create a blog on WordPress?

                There is doubt in the minds of many people whether they will be able to create a blog on WordPress, so let's find out the answer to this too.

                Creating a blog on WordPress is very easy, you don't need to have any coding knowledge. You can create an attractive blog simply by dragging and dropping. You may need some technical knowledge in WordPress because sometimes we install some of these plugins in the website which causes problems.

                But if you have taken a backup copy of the WordPress site, you can solve the problem by uploading the backup. You can make a daily backup of the WordPress site through the ( Updraft Plugin ). This plugin is best for taking a backup.

                Apart from this, you can contact your hosting company in case of any problem, and the hosting company also solves small issues for free.

                Conclusion: How to create a WordPress blog

                I sincerely hope that after reading this article, you should have confidence that you can also create a WordPress blog. But if you need any help, you can email me or ask me in the comments box. I will try to answer your question as soon as possible.

                I hope you liked this article How to Create a WordPress Blog, in the end, I ask you to share this article with your friends on social media as well.

                 Thanks for reading the article to the end.

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