What are domain names and what types

Hello, friends in another new blog from WordPress hosting - samuras, in which we will talk about the domain name.You must have heard about a domain name at some point or another, but do you know what a domain name is, how a domain name works, how to create a domain name, and where to buy a domain.

What is a domain name
What are domain names and what types.

If you want to know the answer to all the questions posed above, read this article to the end. If you are a blogger, it is important for you to know everything about the domain. The domain is the basis of any website or blog, without it, it is impossible to create a blog.

A blogger needs to keep a few things in mind while taking a field, and I've also discussed them in this article. Friends, let's start this article and find out in detail what a domain name is.

What is a domain name

When we search for anything in Google or any other search engine, we can see many websites. And this site looks like this www.example.com. and he example.com, this is called a domain name.

Like -Facebook.com , Google.com, Yahoo.com , -samurai.site and these are all domain names.

Let's understand this with the help of this example - just as you open your store in any market, you definitely keep some name of this store. Such as-XYZ general stores, and ABC items of clothing.

Similarly in the online world, when we want to share some information or want to sell any of our products or services, we need a blog or website for that.

And every site definitely has a name. A website or blog is called a domain name. Any user can easily access any website by searching the domain name.

The domain is our online identity. Once you buy a domain, no one else can buy that domain. The domain name of my website is samurai.site . No one can buy this domain name anymore. The meaning of each domain name is a unique name.

The domain name must be renewed every year. If you want, you can also buy a range for 2 - 3 years. If you don't renew the domain name, someone else can buy your domain name.

The domain name can be defined in technical form as follows.

Domain definition

In the internet world, the name corresponding to the address IP (Internet Protocol) is called a domain name. And.

In fact, each site has an address of IP (internet protocol) behind it. It is in the form of an address number IP (for example - By the address IP, the website located on the internet can be found.

Being in the form of an address number IP, not everyone can easily remember it. To remember this IP address in simple words, we use the domain name.

How do domains work

By now you should have understood this oy What is domain name. Now let's talk about how a domain name works.

The data of each site is stored in a single server, which is also called hosting. When the domain is connected to the server, the domain name is associated with the server's IP address.

When any user searches for a specific domain name in their browser, the data stored in the server associated with that domain is visible to the user in their browser.

Before proceeding with the article, I will tell you the name of the web hosting provider and the domain.

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What is a domain name

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Domain type

The domain name consists of two words since example.com it is a domain name. This part is preceded by a point (example). You can keep this part to your liking.

And the second part is next to the point. You cannot keep this part of the domain name as you wish. This is called a domain name extension. These accessories are already fixed. And you can choose any extension of one of them.

On the basis of these extensions, domains are classified into 3 main parts.

1 – top-level scope

Top-level domains (TLDs) are those through which information is shared worldwide. These areas are not associated with any single state. Here are some top-level domain extensions.

  • .com – Commercial Site
  • .net – Network
  • .org – Organization Site
  • .edu – Education Site
  • .gov – Government Site
  • .info – Information

2 – top-level domain of the country code

There are also some domain names created for one country, called the top-level domain of the country code (CCTLD). In this type of domain name extension, only two words are used. Here are some of the CCTLD main domains.

  • .au – Australia
  • .tr –Turkey
  • .cn – China
  • .us – United State
  • .uk – united Kingdom
  • .in – India
  • .fr - France

3 – Sub Domain

A subdomain is a small part of the main domain name. There is no need to buy it, let's create a subdomain for free. We use subdomains to manage different categories of content on our site. You can make part of it outside of your main domain.

Like my domain is samurai.site . I can also create a blog.samurai.site from this domain. Or if I write content in French, I can also create a French.samurai.site. When you create a blogger on ur read for free, you get a subdomain blogspot.com. This is called a sub-domain.

You must have seen subdomains on most news sites. For example, news.com news site. At this site, we can also use Sports.news.com and Politics.news.com for political news. So this is our subfield.

What difference between domain and address URL

Many people don't realize that a domain name and a website's URL address aren't the same. The domain name and address URL of the site is different.

Many other objects are attached to the address URL. Like address URL of our site - https://www.samuras.site. Through URL, users can easily find any page or post on the site. Using a domain name, only users can access the website.

How to choose a domain name

A domain name is important for the branding of our website or online business. There are a few things that we must take into account when choosing a domain name.

  • The domain name should always be short and easy to remember. So everyone can remember your domain name easily.
  • Always choose a domain name according to your blogging niche.
  • Always buy a top-level domain.
  • Get a unique domain name that makes it easy for one to tongue.
  • If you use your keywords in the domain name, it can be a positive point for you.

Where to buy a domain name

Nowadays, there are many companies in the market where we can buy a domain for our website. Some well-known companies are as follows where you can buy domains.

Domain prices should be analyzed before buying a domain. You should buy from the website where you can get the domain cheaply. Often domain name offers are available in the offer, you can buy a domain for 1 dollar or even free for one year.

FAQ : Domain Name

Q – What does a domain name mean?

A domain name is the name of a website on the internet through which the user can easily access the website.

Q – What are the types of domain name?

There are three main types of domain names - Top Level Domain, Country Code Top Level Domain, and Subdomain.

Q – How much is the price of a domain name?

Domain names for different extensions come with different prices. If you want to get a domain with the most common domain extension. .com, you can get a domain name for about 7 dollars a year. However, the price of a domain name also depends on the company.

Q – Why a domain name is required?

A domain name is required to make your blog or website online.

Last word : What are domain name

Through today's article, we learned the what is domain name, what are the types of domain and we discussed important matters related to the domain.

I hope after reading this article remove all doubts about the domain name in your mind. But if you still have any query, you can ask them in the comments box. In the end, you are asked to help others by sharing this article on social media.

Thanks for reading the article to the end.

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