Tips on how to write an SEO-friendly article

Tips on how to write an SEO-friendly article

Hello Friends, welcome to another new blog post on your WordPress hosting - samuras blog, in which we will talk about how to write an SEO-friendly article. The main goal of writing a blog post for every blogger or website owner is to get maximum traffic by getting their blog post on the first page of Google. And to get the blog post on the first page of Google, you should write an SEO-friendly article.

Only an SEO-friendly article can perform well in the search engine and bring traffic to the blog. Those who are new bloggers do not know what an SEO Friendly article is and how to write an SEO-friendly article, so I thought Why don't we give you information about writing an SEO-friendly essay today?

I hope that after reading this article, you will also learn to write friendly articles on SEO. So let's start this article without taking too much of your time.

Tips on how to write an SEO-friendly article
how to write an SEO-friendly article.

What is an SEO-friendly article?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization and an SEO-friendly article is such an article, which is optimized for a well-placed rank in the search engine. The main purpose of writing an SEO-friendly article is to explain your article better to search engine robots so that robots can understand your article and rank it on the right keywords. You can increase your blog traffic by writing SEO-friendly articles.

How to write an SEO-friendly article

Writing an SEO-friendly article is not that difficult, you can write an SEO-friendly article by following some of the steps mentioned below. You have to follow all these steps while writing the article. If you are a new blogger, you can make a list of all these points and save it in your notepad, and whenever you write an article, you can check this list once.

Let's now understand each point of writing a friend's article for SEO:

#1. Do keyword research

Before writing an article, do thorough keyword research and look for keywords for which the search volume is also good and the competition is also lower. Because you can get such keywords ranked in a very short time. Keyword research is also one of the most important parts of writing a blog because any blog is ranked based only on keywords.

Keyword research is not a very difficult task, you can find a good keyword with the help of a free keyword research tool and prepare an article about it. A new blogger should always work on Long Tail Keyword.

#2. Use keywords in the title

You should use keywords in the title of the blog post because blog posts in which the focused keyword is used in the title perform well in the search engine. The title is visible to the user on the search engine results page, so you also need to state in the title what the user will recognize in your article.

#3. Use keywords in the first paragraph

You should use the keyword in the first paragraph of your essay and try to write the keyword within the first 100 words. Also, one thing you should keep in mind is not to use keywords over and over again because they go against Google's guidelines.

You should use the focused keyword only 4 or 5 times in a 1000 Word article and the rest are LSI keywords.

#4. Use keywords in the description

The description is a summary of the entire article, where you tell the search engine about the topic on which your article was written. You can write a description with a maximum of 150 words. You should also use the focused keyword at the beginning of the description.

#5. Use keywords in Permalinks

A permalink is The URL address of the content or blog post. You should also add the keyword you are focusing on in your permalink. And to create a title URL SEO-friendly Keep in mind one thing to separate two words from the keyword in the permalink, put a sign (-).

#6. Use address tags

Use title tags to cover different topics within one article. There are 6 types of address tags from H1 to H6. You should use only one H1 tag in the entire article and you can use the rest of the title tags according to your requirements.

#7. The boldness of important words

Each blog post contains some important words that are bold for special emphasis so that visitors and search engines find it easier to find these words. If you also have some important comments in your blog post, make them bold.

#8. Use the Alt sign in the image

Search engines do not recognize the image of the crawler, so to understand the image, the crawler looks at the Alt tag written in the image and indexes the image accordingly. You should always use the Relevant Alt Tag for the image.

As if you are using blog-related images in your blog post, you should write the blog entry in the Alt tag as well. Besides, for SEO to optimize the image, you should use a copyright-free image SEO and compress the image size.

#9. Make the internal binding

Using internal linking, you can keep a visitor waiting for a long time on your blog. If you don't know the meaning of internal linking, let me tell you your information, when another post is linked in one of its publications, it is called internal linking.

You can add a link to another post related to your blog post. As if you were writing an article about blogging, then add a link to another blog-related post within that post. With this, some visitors will also get to your second message, due to which your bounce rate is maintained, and at the same time, Link Juice is also passed from the internal link which increases the authority of the blog.

#10. make an external link

Adding a link to another website in your blog post is called an external link. You should only externally link to the site of the highest authority in your blog post. Along with this, the external link you are using must be correct. It means that the word or topic that you linked to the relevant page should be redirected from the same topic.

#11. write quality content

Use SEO or keywords as you like, but unless your content is good, it won't rank in the search engine. Try to write a detailed essay on any topic you are writing an article about so that the user can get satisfactory answers to his questions.

When a user is happy with your article, the value of your article also increases in Google's eyes. That's why you focus more on creating good content.

Abstract: Tips on how to write an SEO-friendly article.

In today's article, we gave you complete information about writing a friend article for SEO, by reading what you must have learned to write a friend article for SEO. Writing friendly articles on SEO is not a blatant science, you should know the process then, and it can be possible even with regular practice.

That's all in this blog post, I hope you liked this article. If you have to learn something from this article, you should also share this article with your friends on social media.

Thanks for reading the article to the end.

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