What is WordPress? types and features

What is WordPress? types and features

If you want to know what is WordPress, read this article in full. In this, I will give you complete information about WordPress so that you can understand WordPress.

You can see many websites on the internet built on different platforms. Some websites are created by coding and some websites are made in a content management system. CMS stands for the content management system. CMS are such tools through which you can easily manage your content.

WordPress is also a content management system with which we can create our blog or website. To get more information about WordPress, without any delay, go to our article and learn about what is WordPress in detail.

What is WordPress?  WordPress types and featur
What is WordPress? WordPress types and features.

What is WordPress

Simply put, WordPress is the easiest and most popular way to create a website or blog. On the other hand, if we say in the language of technology, WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS), developed with the help of MySQL and PHP. WordPress is the most widely used content management system in the world.

Creating a website or blog on WordPress is so simple that if you have a plan to start a new website in mind, you can create and set up your website in 10 minutes. The popularity of WordPress is very high. If it is seen, then only large companies manage their site on WordPress.

Made by WordPress

The best CMS like WordPress was created by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little.WordPress was launched on May 27, 2003. Due to its excellent features, it has become the largest CMS system in the world at present.

Types of WordPress

There are two types of WordPress available on the market WordPress.com F WordPress.org. Both are different from each other. Let's understand them too.

#1. WordPress.com

The way you can create a free blog on Blogger.com is the way, you can create your free blog on WordPress.com. you don't need a domain and hosting to create a blog on WordPress.com. because it provides you with hosting itself and also a subdomain.

But there are a lot of restrictions on WordPress.com. the theme and plugin you get in this are very limited and I am not the full owner of the website built on WordPress.com. for more information, read this article - How to create a free blog on WordPress.

#2. WordPress.org

WordPress.org is an open-source content management system in which you need a domain name and hosting to create a blog or website. In WordPress.org, you are creating a self-hosted blog.

In WordPress.org, you get an unlimited number of themes and plugins, with which you can give your website a beautiful appearance. You are the complete owner of the site created on WordPress.org.

WordPress.org it is the content management system on which many websites and blogs are built, in this article we will tell you about WordPress.org because WordPress in the true sense is WordPress.org just.

Difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

Many people have a confusion between WordPress.com F WordPress.org where they should create their website and the difference between these two sites. You must know this before proceeding further with the article.

By the way, after reading the article so far, you should have recognized some differences between them, but for your convenience, we told you the difference between the two through a table below.

Here you can create your blog for free.To create a blog here you need a domain and hosting.
There are only a limited number of themes and extensions available to make the blog attractive.Unlimited themes and add-ons are available.
There are not many options for monetization on WordPress.com.There are more options for monetization on WordPress.org.
A good platform for a blogger.A good platform for a professional blogger.
You are not the complete owner of the site.You are the complete owner of the site.
Few people also recommend creating a website on it.Almost everyone recommends creating a website on WordPress.org.

How WordPress works

Now we will find out how WordPress works. If it is seen, a heavy technical term can be used in WordPress, but you should not worry at all, because even without this technology, you can easily run WordPress.

As I have already told you, WordPress is a content management system. If you wish, you can compare it with the operating system as well.

The WordPress system runs on a web server. For a web server, you need to purchase hosting first. Then WordPress must be installed in cPanel for hosting. If you wish, you can open your website from your laptop or mobile phone as well.

WordPress uses a database server (MySQL) to store your website data. While the web server (Nginx or Apache) shows the location data to the visitor. The main application for WordPress is coded using PHP or JavaScript.

Is WordPress easy to use

Yes, using WordPress is as easy as searching Google with simple voice input. If you have not done a lot of computer studies, have never created a website, or do not know HTML. And even if you don't know CSS coding, don't worry. Because even without coding knowledge, you can use WordPress very well.

 When you enter it after installing WordPress, you will automatically understand how simple and easy it is to use. Whatever service you want in your website, install a plugin associated with it, and only your work will be done.

 This means that the WordPress user interface has become so simple and easy that even people with little technical knowledge can use it.

Is WordPress free

Yes, WordPress is not only free to use but you can make any kind of change to it to your liking. That is, if understood in simple words, you will get 100 per cent Authority on your website.

 If you have ever used Blogger, you will know that you do not have complete control over the website in Blogger. But WordPress gives you complete freedom. You can take any hosting on your website, if you don't like hosting you can also change it. This means that you have all the rights.

 In general, WordPress is completely free but you need to get hosting and a domain. The funds required to create a website in WordPress are for the domain and hosting, and not for WordPress.

Features available in WordPress

By now you must have understood what is WordPress, now tell us some of the features that are available in WordPress :

 WordPress is developed in such a way that the experience of both the user and the publisher is very good. If seen, about 39 per cent of websites in the world only use WordPress.

 Now we'll figure out what features are available in WordPress, which are very popular. Because we use anything only when it is convenient.

1. Ease of use

The biggest advantage of WordPress is its ease of use. You can post your content here at any time. The process of posting content is also straightforward. Apart from this, it is easy to change the appearance, install the plugin, website design, etc. in WordPress.

The WordPress interface is easy to use, and you can learn WordPress very quickly by practising for one to two weeks.

2. Provides flexibility

WordPress is very flexible, that is, it is flexible. This means that you can create your company's website, e-commerce, landing page, personal blog, photo blog, government Blog, News site, magazines, etc. here.

Apart from this, if you want, you can select and apply any theme depending on your requirements. Many types of plugins are intended to support your website. You can install the plugin depending on the requirements of your website.

3. Tools for publishing

To publish content, you have been provided with many types of tools in WordPress. You can also craft your content if you want. With scheduled publishing, your content can be published at different times. Apart from this, any content can be made public or private. You can save it by putting a password on a page or publication.

4. User management

WordPress user management is very good. The person who needs it gets that much access to the site. If it is seen, the administrator has access to the entire website, while the editor gets access to manage the content, similarly, you can grant different access to your website.

5. Theme system

If you don't like the theme of your website, no problem you can go to the theme directory. Here you will get thousands of completely free themes. If you want, you can also purchase paid themes.

But if you don't like any of these themes, you can apply any external theme of your choice. The way to apply the theme is also very simple. You can provide a new look for your website in no time.

6. The SEO plugin is available

You get many SEO plugins in WordPress, so you can do (SEO) for your website and get a good ranking in Google.

7. There are many other additions

Like the SEO Plugin, there are many plugins available in WordPress for different tasks, which you can install according to the requirements of your website. For example, if you want to place Google ads, there are various plugins for it, various plugins for compressing the image size, and various plugins for increasing the speed of the website.

This means that whatever type of design you want in your website, there are different plugins for each of them.

Apart from all this, many types of facilities are offered to the user in WordPress.

What I learned: what is WordPress

After reading this article, you should have understood what WordPress is and whether you should create your blog on WordPress.com or WordPress.org. if you also want to do blogging, you can also start your blogging career by creating a blog on WordPress.org.

I hope you liked this article I wrote, share this article with your friends too and continue to visit our blog to read information related to blogging.

Thanks for reading the article to the end.

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