What is hosting what is web hosting and what its types

If you are interested in blogging, web development, or technology, you must have heard the name web hosting at some point or another, but do you know what is hosting, what are the types of web hosting and web hosting where to buy hosting, and what are the things to consider before buying hosting.

What is hosting what is web hosting and what its types?
What is hosting.

If you don't know all of the above things about hosting, this article will prove to be very important to you. You have to pay money to buy hosting, so choosing the right hosting is also important to you. Also in this article, you will learn how to buy the right hosting.

So let's start this article today without taking too much of your time.

What is hosting

Hosting is a space on the internet in which all the contents of any website are stored, through hosting, the site remains directly on the internet.

Just as photos, videos, audio, etc. are saved in the hard drive of the computer and in the memory of the mobile phone, likewise, we also need space to store the content of our website. We call this hosting space. Hosting can be a computer, smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

The domain name that you have is connected to your hosting through DNS (domain name system). When a user searches for your domain name in a web browser, the browser links the domain to your hosting, where all of your website content is stored. So any user can easily access the content of your website.

Definition of hosting

"Hosting is the means that keeps the content (material, image, video, audio, etc.) of any website connected to the internet. Whatever activity we do on our site, is stored in the hosting itself. Hosting is a space on the internet or a server that keeps the site around the clock on weekdays.

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Types of hosting

Now you should have understood what is hosting. Now let's also get acquainted with the types of hosting.

There are 6 main types of hosting, and I have told you all of them below :

  1. Shared Hosting 
  2. Dedicated Hosting 
  3. VPS Hosting 
  4. Cloud Hosting 
  5. Manage WordPress Hosting  
  6. Reseller Hosting 

1 – shared hosting

As the name implies, this type of hosting is shared. This means that the hosting of several sites is hosted from the same server.

Suppose you buy sharing hosting from some company, and any of your friends also bought shared hosting from the same company, the same server will be provided to you and your friend on the web. Similarly, many websites are linked on the same server.

Let's understand this with an example - let's say you have a WiFi connection in your home and there are five other people in your home running the internet over a Wi-Fi connection. Here the Wi-Fi connection is the same but there are five people using it. Similarly, hosting is still shared. That is, the resource is only one and there are more users who use it.

Advantages of shared hosting

  • Since this hosting is shared, its price is also low.
  • Post hosting is suitable for a new blogger, because the traffic on the new blog is less, and they do not need to spend a lot on it.
  • Sharing hosting is very easy to set up.

Disadvantages of shared hosting

  • Due to the sharing of this hosting, if one website gets more traffic, all the others go down.
  • In terms of security, this Hosting does not match much compared to other hosting.

2 – dedicated hosting

Custom hosting is the exact opposite of shared hosting, in shared hosting the resource is shared, but in custom hosting the entire server is provided for a single website. In this hosting, all control is in the hands of the site owner.

For example, such internet data on our phones does not standstill. Which we can only use if we do not provide a Wi-Fi connection to anyone. Dedicated hosting is also the same, in this company from which we buy hosting gives us the entire server.

Advantages of dedicated hosting

  • This hosting also handles millions of traffic with ease. This hosting should be used when the traffic on your website comes in Million. Websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, etc. use dedicated hosting.
  • The speed of such hosting is very fast.
  • This hosting is considered very secure.

Disadvantages of dedicated hosting

  • Since the entire server in this hosting is a single website, it is quite expensive.
  • You need technical knowledge to use this hosting.

3 – hosting VPS (virtual private server)

The full name of hosting VPS is Virtual Private Server. In hosting VPS, the server is divided into several parts, and there is a fixed space for each site. It is a virtual dedicated server. No one else can use the space available for your website in hosting VPS.

Let's say we have 256GB of space and we divide that space into 4 different parts of 64 to 64GB, then there is a fixed space for all four websites. In this, all websites remain on their part, and cannot be part of any other website.

That is, any site has nothing to do with the area of any other site. And if we need it later, we can increase the space for hosting VPS us.

Advantages of hosting VPS

  • The biggest advantage of this hosting is that this hosting is flexible. We can increase or decrease the storage capacity and bandwidth according to our requirements.
  • If your website has good traffic, and you don't want to spend a lot of money on hosting, hosting VPS is a good option for you.
  • This hosting is Cheaper Than dedicated hosting.

Disadvantages of hosting VPS

  • Its disadvantage is that technical knowledge is required to use this hosting as well.

4 – Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is hosting in which a copy of your website's storage is made on another site's server using cloud resources. Because of this, the chances of a website crashing are minimal. You'll find most blogs in cloud hosting only.

This hosting is very different from the three hosting mentioned above. In all three of these hosting, your data is stored on the same server. But in Cloud Hosting, a copy of your website data is also made on another server.

Let's understand this with an example, let's say your data is stored in a 1 site server, and you use cloud hosting. So cloud hosting stores your data stored on servers of different sites (such as Site 2, site 3, Site 4, etc.).

Now if 1 site server crashes for any reason, it will send data to our Visitor from the server at 2 site or 3 site. So that our website is not disabled.

Although nowadays all hosting companies guarantee a 99.9% uptime, if for some reason the server crashes for a few seconds, then the visitor who is on the site at that time will exit the site. At such times, Cloud Hosting is only useful.

Advantages of cloud hosting

  • If your website has more traffic, Cloud Hosting will take over that.
  • Due to the data stored in different servers, the chances of data loss in them are much lower.
  • The use of cloud hosting increases the speed of the site. Because wherever traffic comes to a website, the data is sent to the user from that website's server. Because there is no load on the main server.
  • This hosting is very secure.

Disadvantages of cloud hosting

  • In this server, we do not have complete control like dedicated hosting.

5 – Manage WordPress hosting

When you buy hosting, you must have seen the WordPress hosting option. Managed WordPress hosting is a type of shared hosting. Most new bloggers use sharing hosting whenever they create a blog on WordPress. But WordPress hosting is a little different from shared hosting.

In WordPress hosting, the hosting company manages your entire website. Such as technical work in hosting, maintaining website speed, backing up the website, and so on. In return, the hosting company charges an additional fee.

advantages of WordPress hosting

  • In this, you do not need to do the technical work of your website.
  • In this, you are provided with heightened security.
  • Very good customer support is available in Managed WordPress hosting.

Disadvantages of WordPress hosting

  • Such hosting is quite expensive.
  • You can not install such unreliable plug-ins.

6 – reseller hosting

reseller hosting is the hosting in which we buy the hosting from a hosting company and can host our client's website in that hosting. This hosting was purchased for profit.

Let's say you bought 130 dollars hosting resellers from a hosting company, linked your five customers ' websites to that hosting and sold the hosting to each of them for  90 dollars a year. So from this, you will get a profit of 320 dollars. But to do all this you must have good technical knowledge.

Difference between Linux hosting and Windows hosting

When we buy hosting, we always have two options ahead of us. One to host windows and the other to host Linux. Most websites use only Linux hosting. Here are some of the main differences between them :

  • Hosting Linux is an open-source operating system that everyone can use. To use Windows hosting, we need a license.
  • Hosting Linux is cheap web hosting and Windows hosting is very expensive because we also have to pay license money to run Windows hosting.
  • Hosting Linux is used for database PHP and MYSQL. This is why this hosting is better for WordPress. While Windows hosting is used for ASP and NET.

If you have a new website, shared Linux hosting is best for you.

Where to buy hosting

By now you should have understood very well what is hosting. Let's now find out where to buy hosting. Nowadays, there are many hosting companies on the market, you can take hosting from anywhere. Some of the leading hosting companies are:

How to buy good hosting

While buying hosting, you need to keep in mind a few things which are as follows :


When we buy a new mobile phone, we definitely see the amount of storage space in gigabytes in this mobile phone. Likewise, in hosting too, we are given some space. When we receive hosting, it is important to see how much space is allocated to us.


Uptime is the amount of time our website stays online. When our site cannot load, it is called Stop. Be sure to check this before taking the hosting. Nowadays, all hosting companies guarantee a 99.99% uptime.

Certificate SSL

The SSL certificate makes the site secure. If the Website is open at HTTPS, the website has an SSL  certificate installed, and if the Website is open at HTTP, it means that the website does not have SSL installed. It is necessary to install certificate SSL on a website.

Therefore, while buying hosting, it is important to pay attention to whether the hosting company offers us a certificate of SSL or not. Nowadays, almost all hosting companies offer an SSL certificate for free.


The amount of data transmitted per second by any website is called bandwidth. During the purchase of hosting, you should definitely check the bandwidth of your server.

If your server bandwidth is less and your website has more traffic, your website will be disabled. That's why one should always buy hosting with a larger bandwidth.

Customer support

Nowadays, all hosting companies offer round-the-clock customer support on weekdays. But there are also some companies from which if you talk in offline phone calls, you have to pay separately.

Money back policy

When you take hosting, you should also consider whether the company offers a refund policy or not, and if it does, how many days. Because if you are having problems with that hosting company, you should not waste your money, so it is also important to check out the refund policy.

What we learned : what is hosting

Through this article, I explained to you in easy language what hosting is, what are the types of hosting and what are the things to keep in mind before making a good web hosting. You must have liked the article and you should learn something from this article. Also, share this article with your friends on social media.

Thanks for reading the article to the end.

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