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RSS feed what is it and why is it important for a blogger and an internet user?
What is an RSS feed - while surfing the web on the internet, we like many websites very much and we want to keep getting updates for every ...
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How to promote a new blog - 7 tips?
When a new blogger creates his blog, he wants his blog to reach as many people as possible, and for this, he promotes his blog. But the new ...
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What is it On-Page SEO? How to do it from the On-Page SEO?
When we create a blog, Our goal is to rank on the first page of Google or any other search engine, and the most important thing for him is O...
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What is a keyword and what are their types?
If you only take information from the internet, you will not know the keyword . But if you are a blogger or a digital marketer and want to m...
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What is content marketing and why is it important?
What is content marketing - when we talk about digital marketing, it cannot happen that there is no mention of content marketing. Content m...
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What is lead and how does Lead Generation?
Nowadays it is the era of digital marketing, and all companies are busy promoting their business on a digital platform. There are many such ...
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What is social media, an article about social media?
In today's article, we will discuss what social media is . The modern era is the era of social media, almost everyone in the world is co...
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