What is a server and why is the server down

What is a server and why is the server down

You must have heard the server's name, and most often you must have heard at the bank or on any government-form website that the server is disabled. Then the idea comes to your mind after all what is the server and why is it disabled?

A server is a very natural thing for technical field people. If you are not from the technical field and want to get complete information about the server, then read this article in full. In this, I have told you the full details of the server.

In this article, you will learn about what a server is, how a server works, why a server crashes, and what types of servers there are. So let's start this article without taking too much of your time.

What is a server and why is the server down
What is a server?

What is a server

If I tell you about the server directly in technical language, then probably not all readers reading this blog will be able to understand well, so to understand the server in simple words, let's understand by a real-life example.

Suppose you went to a hotel or restaurant. And order the food of your choice there. Then the waiters who work at the hotel go to their shop and offer you the food of your choice. In this way, the waiters are the hotel servers who serve food to customers according to their requests.

Now in this example :

  • We are hotel customers who are looking for information on the Internet.
  • Hotel waiters are servers who provide us with service.
  • The store is the data centre, where all information is saved.

    The same thing happens in the online world, whenever we search for some information on the internet, we need a person who can serve us all this. On the internet, this work is performed by the server. The servers are high-quality computers.

    Servers are high-power computers. And these programs are installed in the computers that provide the service. Such high-power computers are called servers.

    Definition of Server

    On the internet where there is a huge stock of information, the medium that serves this information to the user is called a server.

    How the server works

    By now you must have understood what is a Server, and now you know how to do this work.

    When you search for anything on Google, YouTube, or any other search engine, the server brings information related to the query you are looking for within a second. The server's working scheme remains as follows :

    When searching the query, the servers take your request and go to their data centre. Then we bring the information related to your inquiry and show it to you.

    Just like you watch a video on YouTube, this video is stored in the YouTube data centre and when you search for this video, the YouTube server brings this video to us from its data centre.

    Likewise, we also see the photos that we posted many years ago on Facebook. This Facebook image of ours is saved in the Facebook data centre and when we click on the image to view it, the Facebook server shows us that image.

    Why is the server down

    You must have seen or heard on any website or state bank that the server is down today. So now the question arises as to why the server is down and why it is down.

    I explained to you above with the example of a hotel, now suppose that thousands of people suddenly came to this hotel. So now because the number of employees working there is fixed, if more people come, the work system there will collapse. It will take a long time to service the order.

    Just as it happens in the online world, in the online world too, all servers have a certain capacity for the amount of traffic they can handle. That is, it is the number of people who can visit this site simultaneously.

    When traffic suddenly comes in millions on this site, or if traffic on this site comes in more than the server capacity of that site, the server will load. Due to the loading in the server, it either takes a long time to open the site, or the server fails. We call a server failure a down server.

    Types of Server

    There are many types of servers but I will give you information about some important servers.

    1. web server

    The web server performs the data service of all sites located on the internet. When a user searches for some query in his browser, the web server takes his request to his data centre and presents the data of this site in the user's browser.

    2. mail server

    The mail server performs the work of servicing all the emails that we carry out.

    3. audio/video server

    Audio/video servers are those servers that serve all the audio and video that exist on the internet.

    4. File Server

    This server is used to serve files from one place to another.

    5. chat server

    The chat server is responsible for serving all the chats that we do in the online world. With the help of a chat server, today we can do many things very easily.

    6. FTP Server (File Transfer Protocol)

    This is a very old server. The FTP server is used for the secure exchange of files on the internet.

    7. proxy server

    This is an intermediate server. It accesses the user's request indirectly to the internet and takes information from there and gets to the user.

    When a user searches for something on the internet, then by the IP address of the internet user it is a matter of finding out to whom this information is given. Now if the user uses a Proxy Server, the proxy server takes your request and goes to the internet.

    Here the proxy server hides the user's identity from the internet. The meaning hides the IP address of the user and the site. It takes information from the internet and gives it to the user. Because the internet does not know to whom this information is provided. The proxy server is used for security.

    What are a dedicated server and an unallocated server?

    Because a server is nothing but a computer. You can also install the program on your computer and make it a server. If you do not stay connected to the internet for 24 hours in your server, then such a server is called an unallocated server. Such as servers used in schools and offices.

    Those servers that are connected to the internet for 24 hours, such servers are called Dedicated Servers. Such as Google, YouTube, and website servers. These are expensive because they are high-power computers. Storage, RAM, and processor are all of very high quality.

    What I learned: what is a server

    From this article, we came to know what is Server we shared a lot of information about the server with you, and after reading it you should have understood the server well. I have done my best to give you information about the server in an easy language. I hope you liked this article, share this article with your friends too.

    Thank you for reading the article to the end.

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