title tag in SEO: What are title tags (H1-H6)

the title tag in SEO: What are title tags (H1-H6)

You should use the title tag when writing your website article. But do you know what title tags are (title tag in SEO), and why the title tag is used? And how important it is from the point of view of SEO.

If you do not know all this, then read this article. In this article, I tried to give you complete information about each point of the title tag, which will be helpful to you. So let's start today's article and first find out what title tags are in detail.

A title tag in SEO: What are title tags (H1-H6)
the title tag in SEO.

What is the Heading Tag

Whenever you read any newspaper or any magazine, you get the headline written at the very beginning. With the help of these headings, you can find topics that interest you or would like to read.

Precisely the same thing happens in the blog. Those who write blogs (Blogger) use heading tags, with the help of which any readers can find and read the topic of their interest in the blog.

There are 6 main types of headings used in a blog post. This address ranges from H1 to H6. H1 has the most significant importance, followed by H2 and so on and so on, and H6 has the most minor reputation.

The title tag is found written in the HTML header section of the blog post. This is important from the point of view of both readers and search engine robots.

Definition of Heading Tag

We can define the title tag in this way: "In any blog post, the title tag is an HTML command written in the header section of the Web page, it is used to separate the title and subtitle on the Web page."

The importance of the title tag in SEO

Address tags are essential for quickly indexing your web page. Because when a crawler gets to our Web page, it starts crawling the article with the H1 tag. And due to the correct address being made, the crawler can easily crawl the entire web page.

Now suppose, if we don't use the title tag and instead format the title, it means increasing the title font, making it bold. So in such a situation, the reader will easily recognize the main headline and the rest of the headlines.

But search engine robots do not recognize this, without address tags they see the entire web page as a paragraph. And the crawler finds it very difficult to crawl the Web page. Because of the indexing, it will also take time. That's why title tags are used in blog posts. Such was the importance of address tags from the point of view of search engines.

Now let's find out what is the significance of the headline from the point of view of readers. Using the title, The Web page is divided into several parts, since readers do not take much time to get information. And the experience of readers becomes better. And you get a benefit in the ranking.

By now you should have understood what title tags are (title tags in SEO), now also tell us about the types of title tags.

Types of Heading Tag

There are 6 basic types of address tags. From H1 to H6. Let's get to know them too :

H1 Heading

H1 is the most important address on any Web page, when a user accesses your web page, he first looks at the main address (H1). While writing the H1 sign, we must keep a few things in mind :

  • You should use only one H1 on the entire web page.
  • Write about what the reader is trying to find out in the H1 sign.
  • Always use the Keyword in the H1 tag, it is also important from the point of view of SEO optimization.

H2 Heading

H2 is used to describe any one topic on a web page. The more topics there are on your web page, the more H2 headings you can use.

H3 Heading

If there is a topic within H2 on your web page, use H3 to describe it.

H4 Heading

If we want to tell H3 in more detail on the Web page, then H4 is used.

H5 Heading

H5 is used on the Web page to explain H4 in more detail.

H6 Heading

H6 is the smallest web page address. It is used to explain the Web page in full detail.

The Title tag in HTML

In HTML markup, all our addresses look like this :

< head >

 < h1 > Your Webpage Major Heading < /h1 >

 < h2 > Your Webpage heading < / h2 >

 < h3 > Your Webpage Sub Heading < / h3 >

 < h4 > Your Webpage SubHeading < / h4 >

 < h5 > Your Webpage Mini Heading < / h5 >

 < h6 > Your Webpage Micro Heading < / h6 >

< / head >

Note – use the H1 tag only once on the entire web page, you can use the rest of the address tags according to your requirements. And how many times a web page has been used in this article, it means a blog post.

What I learned: title tag in SEO

So friends, in this article, I have provided you with information about title tags (title tags in SEO), by reading you should have understood what title tags are and why title tags are important in SEO.

For SEO (search engine optimization) best practices, you should use the title tag correctly in order, which will improve the SEO of your website. I hope you liked this article we wrote, share this article with your friends too.

Thanks for reading the article to the end.

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