What is Link Juice in SEO and how to increase it?

What is Link Juice in SEO and how to increase it?

Regarding backlinks in SEO, there is a discussion about Link Juice. But do you know after all this what Link Juice is its importance in the ranking of any site And how to get a Link Juice?

If you do not know the answer to the questions posed above and want complete information about link juice, read this article to the end because I told you this link in short words so that there is no doubt in your mind. Don't stay

So let's start without taking too much of your time, let's find out more about this article What Link Juice is in detail.

What is Link Juice in SEO and how to increase it?
What is Link Juice?

What is Link Juice

When your website gets a Do Follow Backlink link from any other website, your website gets some value through this backlink. The value that the site receives through Do Follow Backlink is called Link Juice in SEO language.

By marking no Follow on the backlink, the passage of link juice is stopped. Link juice is only available through Do Follow Backlink.

Definition of "link juice"

The value that a do Follow link receives to a website is called Link Juice in search engine optimization (SEO).

Type of Link Juice

There are two main types of link juice :

Internal Link Juice

When you link your other web pages into one of your web pages, the link juice that is passed is called internal link juice. By performing internal linking, you can increase the value of link juice for your web page.

External Link Juice

When you give a Do follow the link to another website or to its Web page in your website or web page, the link juice that is passed into it is called External Link Juice.

Many people are very confused about the external link and the backlink, but both are similar, let's figure it out with an example. Suppose there is a website (A) with a link to another website (B). Now for Site (A), it will be an external link and for Site (B) it will be a backlink.

How to Create Link Juice

Now we have almost figured out what link juice is, now we will figure out how to make Link Juice. There are three main ways to make Link Juice. Let's take a look at them too.

1. Direct Link Building

Direct link building: it is called the way we create Do Follow Backlink by ourselves. Such as Guest posts, article submissions, profile submissions, etc. This is called Link Building.

Many websites offer backlinks to follow easily, and some websites also offer backlinks to Do Follow through comments. You can create backlinks here and get Link Juice by searching these sites.

2. Indirect Link Building

Indirect link creation is how we do not create any link by ourselves, but other people who like our content, link our content to their web page and create a backlink for us. It is also called Link Earning.

If you write content that is worth linking to a full-fledged search, then you can earn many links. The ranking is very quickly boosted by these backlinks because they signal to Google that there is useful content on this web page.

3. Internal Linking

The most powerful way to get Link Juice is internal binding. You can create more Links by linking to other posts in your blog post and get a good ranking on the search engine results page.

How does link juice work in SEO

The value of link juice in SEO is very easy to understand, read the article here with more attention.

Suppose there are two websites (A) and (B), both of which wrote an article about the same keyword. The content on both sites is also valuable and both of them have also done good on-page SEO.

But if Website (A) has collected more link elements for this web page compared to Site (B), website (A) will get a better ranking than Site (B), because the content from (A) is shared by more websites. And it has more link juice too.

Search engines: the Matrix you understand is Link Juice. Therefore, the website that has collected more link juice will also get a good ranking. The Link Juice or Do Follow Backlink obtained from the site of the supreme authority is also an important factor for ranking the site on highly competitive keywords.

Will Building More Links get more links

Now the question should come to your mind that creating more links will give more links To understand the answer, we will visit the same websites (A) and (B).

Let's say that website (A) has received backlinks from 4 sites and all of them have an authority of 70, and website (B) has backlinks from 5 sites and their authority is 20. Now calculate them, then (A) has 140 link juice while (B) has only 100 link juice. So the website (A) has more links.

This means that the higher the quality of the backlinks to the site, the more links will be. That's why you should always focus on the quality of the Backlink and not on the quantity of the Backlink.

When the link value is high (Link Value in SEO)

So far we have learned about What is Link Juice. Now you know when the correlation value is high and when it is low.

  1. if a site gets a link on the main page of another site, the value of this link will be the highest, the value of the link on the rating page will be lower and the value of the link in the article is the lowest.
  2. if the link is at the top of the article, then its value is high, and similarly, this sequence continues and the value of the link is the lowest at the end of the content.
  3. if a link is received from the same site two or more times, the value of this link is lower, if a link is received from a site that has not been found before, the value of this link is high.
  4. if your website gets a link from a site that has already received a link from the authority's website, the value of this link is also high.
  5. if the link is found on a regularly updated web page, its value will be greater. If a link is found from this web page that is updated occasionally or very rarely, then the value of this link is also lower.
  6. External links provide more value than internal links.

FAQ: For Link Juice Meaning

Q – What is Link juice?

Link Juice is the value that a web page gets by linking to another web page.

Q – What does the link juice say?

Link juice tells you how strong backlinks a website has.

Conclusion: what is Link Juice

Friends, that was the whole information about What is Link Juice, I did my best to provide you with all the information about what is Link Juice in this article. You don't even need to go to any other article to get the same information.

I hope you liked this article and you should learn something from this article. If you still have any questions regarding Link Juice, you can ask them in the comment box below. And finally, I ask you not to forget to share this article with your friends.

Thanks for reading the article to the end.

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