writing a blog – the right way to write a blog

writing a blog – the right way to write a blog

Are you thinking about creating a blog or have you started a blog and want to know that writing a blog is the right way, you have to read this article in full? Because through today's article, I will give you complete information on the correct way to write an article in a blog.

Most new bloggers create their blogs but don't know the right way to write a blog post so their article is never ranked on Google. From writing a blog post to getting it on the first page of a Google search, a lot of hard work has to be done.

But if you do this hard work in the wrong direction, your blog post will not be ranked in the Google search engine. Therefore, to write a blog post, several little things need to be considered, which you will learn about in this article.

So let's get started without wasting time learning more about this article from today's writing blog in detail. 

writing a blog
writing a blog – the right way to write a blog.

What is Blog Post

You must have found many blogs on the internet where there are different types of information in the form of articles. An article on any blog is called a blog post. As if you are reading this article of mine, this is also a blog post.

What to do before writing a blog post

This is where most new bloggers go wrong. Before writing a blog post, they do not prepare well, which makes them have many problems writing blog posts. If you pay attention to the things I mentioned below before writing a blog post, you can write a great blog post.

1. Select a blog topic

Before writing a blog post, it is very important to choose the blogging niche (the topic of the blog). You should never start blogging after seeing others. Because if you make your own blog by looking at the blogs of others, then your chances of being successful will be very less.

Follow your passion and in any topic, you have a good knowledge of, in any topic you can write articles, create a blog on the same topic and start writing blog posts.

2. do a keyword search

Before writing a blog post, you should do a keyword search, and only then your blog will be able to rank on Google. The better you do keyword research, the more likely you are to be ranked in Google.

While doing a keyword search, a new blogger always has to keep in mind that he only uses the keyword Long Tail in his article. Since there is less competition in them, these keywords are also quickly ranked on Google.

3. make a chart before writing

After finding the keyword, you should outline the essay. The scheme means how you will write the essay, What topic you will cover in the article, which topic you will write first, in what order the topic will be written, etc.

Suppose you are writing an essay on a computer, then you have to make a list of all the topics that you are going to write about in the computer essay. Such as the types of computers, how the computer works, the history of the computer, etc.

All these are called LSI words. You can read our LSI keywords article to find out how to find LSI keywords.

4. Search for content

After creating a chart, you also have to do a content search to write a blog. By doing a content search, you will get an idea of whether you are writing the right information in the blog post or not.

Suppose you are writing an article about a computer and you have good knowledge of it, but you still have to do a content search.

One of the advantages of this is that you will learn about some new things you can write in your essay. You will also be convinced that all the information you have provided is correct.

5. Create an image

Before writing a blog post, you should also make all the photos. You should use at least one photo in each blog post. But keep in mind that the image is copyright-free, either you create the image yourself.

You have to do all these things before writing a blog post.

How to Write a Blog

After doing all the preparations before writing a blog post, now you have to write a great blog post that can rank on Google. Because the blog post is not ranked on Google, traffic will not come to your blog.

To write a good blog post, keep the following things in mind.

1. Write a basic introduction to the blog

You should start writing a blog post using Basic Intro, where you can write the topic of the article and the information that the user will receive. You can write an introduction in 5 to 7 lines. Keep in mind that the use of the primary focus is in the foreground.

2. start writing a title-wise essay

After writing the introduction to the blog post, you need to start writing the title essay-wise. Keep in mind that to write all the addresses, use the title tag.

You will benefit from drawing up a scheme here too because you have already decided which topics should be written in the article and in what order. So you won't have to think too much while writing.

If your writing speed is good, then after preparation you can write a great blog post in one to two hours.

3. writing the article in a paragraph

Do not try to write the title of the article in one paragraph. If you write an article in one paragraph, then such an article is not at all easy to use. Therefore, after writing 2-3 lines, give a gap of one paragraph.

4. use the points

Be sure to use Bullet points if necessary in the article. While you are writing about the advantages and disadvantages of a computer, writing in dots will make it easier for the user to read.

5. do keyword placement

Intelligently add the keywords you found to the article. The user or the search engine should not feel that you used the keyword aggressively.

If you write an essay of 1000 words, you should use Focus Keyword a maximum of 5 times, the rest 5 times from LSI Keyword. Don't over-optimize keywords in blog posts.

Only by placing the right keywords in the article, the article is ranked on Google or any search engine.

6. establishment of internal linkage

When you link another article within one of your articles, this is called internal linking. If you are writing your first blog post, you can skip this point.

But when you write the second blog post, you should link the previous one to it, and in the same way, when the number of your posts increases, you will also find it easier to do internal linking.

7. establishment of external linkage

When you link a web page to another website within your blog post, it's called an external link. You should not use external links too often in blog posts, just use external links when necessary.

8. On-Page SEO

By the way, points 5, 6, and 7 also come under "on-page SEO". Apart from that, you should also optimize the blog post title, meta description, image, permalink, etc. All these things are very important from the point of view of SEO. On-page SEO should always be optimal for ranking in search engines.

9. writing the conclusion of the article

After writing the entire essay, you need to write the conclusion of the essay in 5-6 lines at the end. In conclusion, you can also use Focus Keyword.

10. add a question-answer

Also, add instructions to the article. Write questions and answers (Q & A) related to the topic about which the article is written at the end of the article. You can use a platform like Google, Google Question Hub, or Quora to find FAQs.

You can find the FAQ from Google with the help of People Ask as well.

11. write a unique essay

Many bloggers (especially on YouTube) will suggest methods such as Copy-Paste, Unique Article Generator, and auto-blogging, which are not at all correct ways to succeed in blogging.

If you write articles using these methods, you may get some success in the short term, but by adopting such methods in the long term, you can never make a successful blogging career.

Speaking for myself, I also created a health blog using auto-blogging on the advice of a YouTube user, but even after 1000 articles on that blog, I didn't get AdSense approval and no traffic came to my blog.

That's why you always try to write a unique essay yourself. Google also indexes unique articles quickly.

12. write an essay of at least 800 words

Many people have a question about how many words should be written in the essay, and the answer is that you should keep the length of the essay to your topic. The essay should contain at least 800 words. And the maximum number of words you can write depending on your topic.

If you have implemented the above things in the article but your article is 400-500 words, then the chances of this article ranking in Google will be much lower.

For more information about writing articles for blogs, you can read this blog post - How to write articles for blogs.

You may have to face many kinds of problems in writing the first blog post and you may not be able to write a good blog post, but with constant practice, you will learn to write the best blog post after writing 10 to 15 articles.

Where to Write Blog

If you want to make money blogging, you can create a free blog at Blogger and write blog posts on Blogger.

But if you have the budget, you can write articles by creating your blog on WordPress by purchasing a domain name and hosting.

In WordPress, you get many plugins and themes, with which you can optimize SEO (search engine optimization) on your blog and get your blog ranked on Google.

FAQ: For writing a blog

Q – What do I write on the blog?

In the blog, you should always write about that topic on which you have good knowledge.

Q – How many words to write a blog post?

Blog posts are always written according to the topic. You must write a blog post of at least 800 words. If you are writing an essay on a topic that requires more words, you can also write an essay of 1000 or 2000 words.

Q – How to write a good blog post?

To write a good blog post, you can write a blog post by following the things mentioned in this article. You will be able to write a great blog post.

Last words: writing a blog - the right way to write a blog

I sincerely hope that after reading this article you should have understood that writing a blog is the right way to write a blog. If you write a blog post keeping in mind the things mentioned in the article, surely you will also be able to write a good blog post.

That's all in this article, if you learned something from this article, share the article with your friends on social media as well.

Thanks for reading the article to the end.

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