How to conduct free keyword research for the blog

How to conduct free keyword research for the blog

If you are blogging or thinking about starting a blog, the starting point is keyword research. Because only the right keyword can give you success in blogging. But the new blogger does not know it correctly, How to conduct keyword research. That's why he wants to get information about her on the Internet.

If you are also a blogger and would like to know how to do keyword research for a blog, read this article in full, because in this article I told you the same way to do keyword research that I use myself and through which I benefited. So friends, without talking here and there, come directly to your article and know first of all what keyword research is.

How to conduct free keyword research  for the blog
How to conduct keyword research.

What is keyword research?

Keyword research means finding such a query or word that users are looking for more and more on the internet. By searching for keywords, you can find out how many people search on average for a particular keyword and how many blogs have been written about this keyword. By searching for keywords, you can get a blog post on the first page of Google and get traffic.

In general, keyword research is the process by which bloggers find such keywords, which users search for the most on the internet.

Why keyword research is important

As I told you above, it is very important to do keyword research to achieve blogging success, because only the right keyword will make your blog rank and bring traffic to the blog, and then you can earn money blogging.

If you write an article without doing keyword research, you won't even know if the keyword you are writing the article on is being searched for on the internet What is the competition for that keyword Would it be appropriate for you to write on that keyword or not Is your blog able to rank on that keyword

You will get all this kind of keyword research only. That's why keyword research is so crucial for blogging.

You understand that keyword research is the primary motto to achieve blogging success, writing articles without doing keyword research is like shooting an arrow in the dark, without keyword research you cannot expect traffic to come to your website or not.

The basics of keyword research

When you are doing keyword research, it is very important to look for three things in it.

  1. Search Volume.
  2. Keyword Difficulty.
  3. CPC.

1. Search Volume

The number of people searching for a keyword per month is called search volume. Knowing the keyword search volume is very important in keyword research, only then traffic will come to your blog.

2. Keyword Difficulty

Competition for a keyword is called "Keyword Difficulty", in some places, it is also written as "SEO difficulty". If the search volume is very high on a keyword but the difficulty of that keyword is also very high, it will take years to get those keywords ranked.

Because the supreme authority's website ranks on that keyword. Keywords with a short tail are most often of this type. If you are a new blogger, you should only work on keywords with a low KD.

3. CPC

If you get income from your blog through Google AdSense, then when a user comes to your website and clicks on advertising, the amount that you will receive for this click, is called CPC.

Google charges advertisers different fees according to their products and service, so the cost per click for different keywords also varies. If you work on keywords with a low cost per click, you will earn less than AdSense and if you work on keywords with a high cost per Click, your earnings from Adsense will also be more.

If you are a new blogger, you shouldn't focus too much on CPC, you should focus on bringing in more traffic by targeting only keywords with low competition.

How to conduct keyword research

Now comes the most important part of our article, where we will learn how to conduct keyword research. Here I will tell you about my method by an example.

First of all, search on Google for the keyword of the topic on which you want to write the article. And at the bottom of the search engine results page (SERP) in related searches, see what people are looking for about this keyword.

Let's understand this with an example – like I want to write my article on how to make money online and when I searched for this keyword on Google, I got the following keywords in the relevant searches below. (See the picture below)

How to conduct free keyword research  for the blog
How to conduct keyword research.

Now we will use Google's automatic suggestion so that we can find more keywords. We have received some of the following keywords through Google Auto Suggestion. (See photo)

How to conduct free keyword research  for the blog
How to conduct keyword research.

Since I have a new blog, I have chosen a long-tale keyword. Let's say I chose the keyword how to make money online while sitting at home. Now I want to see the search volume, CPC, and keyword difficulty on this keyword, so I will need some tools. I mainly use 3 tools.

#1. First of all, I will use Google Keyword Planner and see how many monthly searches there are according to Google on this keyword. According to Google, I have obtained this data that there is a search volume of 1 K to 10 K for this specific keyword (see image below).

How to conduct free keyword research  for the blog
Google Keyword Planner.

#2. now I'm going to use the free Ubersuggest tool and find out the average search volume, CPC, and difficulty for this keyword. According to Ubersuggest, this keyword has a search volume of 90,500 but the difficulty is 60 which is high.

How to conduct free keyword research  for the blog
Ubersuggest tool.

#3. Finally, we will use the SEMrush tool, you can use this tool for free. But it also has several limitations in the free version. According to SEMrush, this keyword has a search volume of 90,5 K and 100, which is quite difficult according to SEMrush.

How to conduct free keyword research  for the blog
SEMrush tool.

If your blog is completely new, then working on this keyword may not be the right decision for you, so you can check other keywords found in relevant searches from Google and auto-suggest in the same way. And the Golden keyword can be found very easily.

I do keyword research through this process, The Keyword Planner from Google lets us know the average search volume on that keyword and then through Ubersugget and SEMrush, we can find the exact CPC, difficulty, and average search volume on that keyword. Maybe.

If you need more tools, you can read our blog article about our free keyword research tool.

Benefits of conducting keyword research

You can get many benefits from conducting keyword research, some of which I have indicated below.

  • You can get more traffic to the blog.
  • You can improve the ranking of your website.
  • It can increase the authority of the site.
  • Keyword research is important in increasing the profits of the site.
  • It can reach the right audience.

Keyword Research Tips

  • Use the Long Tail Keyword.
  • Target keywords with average search volume.
  • Target keywords with low keyword difficulty.
  • Search for keywords according to the search goal.
  • Do not pay much attention to CPC CPC at first.

Last word: How to conduct free keyword research for the blog

I sincerely hope that after reading this article, you must have understood how important it is to conduct keyword research and keyword research for a blog. To become a successful blogger, it is very important to conduct keyword research. Without keyword research, even if your posts are in the first place, traffic will not come to your blog.

In this article, I hope you liked this article and you should learn something from this article. If you still have any questions related to keyword research or blogging, you can ask them in the comments box. And if you have benefited from the article, help them by sharing this article with your friends on social media.

Thanks for reading the article to the end.

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