What is a keyword and what are their types

What is a keyword and what are their types

If you only take information from the internet, you will not know the keyword. But if you are a blogger or a digital marketer and want to make your career in digital marketing, you must have heard of the word Keyword.

What is a keyword
What is a keyword and what are their types.

You have probably watched many videos and read articles in which the keywords were told. But if you have not yet fully understood what keywords are, what types of keywords are, and what keyword search is, then after reading this article all your doubts will be removed.

In this article, I have provided you with complete information about keywords in very easy words. I am sure that after reading this article to the end, all doubts about your keywords will be removed, so read this article to the end.

So let's first start this wonderful article today.

What is Keywords

The words used to find any information on the internet are called keywords. When we search for any information on the internet, we are looking for something like this :

The best Samsung smartphone, the best smartphone under 500, the best laptop, keyword, biryani recipe, etc. All these are called keywords.

The way to find information is different for each internet user. Each user searches for information on the internet using different types of words. A keyword is formed when the same word is searched thousands of times.

We can define keywords as follows :

Definition of Keywords

To obtain information from the internet, the words that the user uses to search for information or to access information are called keywords.

Types of Keywords

Keywords can be of several types, and I told you about 6 main types of keywords in this article :

1. popular keywords or recent keywords

Recent keywords are keywords that have been searched for a lot for some time, which means that keywords related to popular topics come in the category of recent keywords. New keywords are not searched for a long time, they are searched only for a certain period.

2. Ever Green Keyword

Evergreen keywords are those keywords that are always searched for. These types of keywords were searched for earlier as well, are searched for even today, and will be searched further. EverGreen Keyword maintains its search volume. If you are blogging and want to stay in this area for a long time, you should work on EverGreen Keyword.

Example-how to make money online, the best jobs in France, etc.

3. Aria Targeting Keyword

Area targeting keywords are keywords in which one area is targeted.

For example the Eiffel Tower, jobs in Paris, the SSC course in Paris, the Digital Marketing Course in Paris, etc. The keywords are called Aria Targeting Keywords.

If you do your business in one area or write about one, then the keyword for targeting the area can be very useful to you.

4. Customer Targeting Keyword

Customer-targeted keywords are keywords that specifically target a specific customer. Like - the best laptop bag for man, best shoes for Man, cricket bat for U-16 Boy, Cricket Kit bag for Man, etc. Customers are already identified in all these keywords.

5. Product Targeting Keyword

Product targeting keywords are keywords that target a specific product. Such as Sonata Watch for Man, Samsung Galaxy smartphone, SG Cricket Bat keyword types, etc.

6. LSI Keyword ( Latent Semantic Indexing )

LSI keywords are those keywords that are related to our main keyword. The main reason to use LSI keywords in your articles is that our article is ranked on these keywords too, and we get good traffic. We also call these keywords secondary keywords. LSI keywords are very important in the ranking of the article. That's why these keywords should always be used in the article.

What is keyword research?

After reading the article even here, you should have understood what a Keyword is, now you know what Keyword Research is. Because the blogger must know keyword research.

Keyword research is very important for a blogger. When you write your essay on any topic, first of all, you need to conduct keyword research in a good way. You should see how many people are searching for the keyword you selected, how much competition there is, and how much CPC you get for that keyword.

Only when you write articles by doing a good keyword search, does traffic comes to your blog, and only when there is traffic on your blog, you can make money blogging.

If you are going to work on such keywords that people are not looking for at all, then no matter how hard you work on the blog, traffic will not reach your blog. Understand that writing articles without keyword research is like shooting an arrow in the dark.

You will find many free keyword search tools on the internet, with which you can perform a keyword search for your blog. Such as-Ubersuggest, Wordtracker, etc.

Types of keywords based on keyword research

When we do a keyword search, we find 3 types of keywords :

1. Short Tale Keywords

Keywords in which from 1 to 3 words are used are called the keywords of the short tale. The search volume is very high in short keywords and the competition is also very high in these keywords.

If you are new to blogging, you should not work on short-tail keywords. Because working on short-tail keywords will take a lot of time to rank your website. Short-tail keywords are often used by expert bloggers in blogging.

Example – mobile phone, Samsung Phone, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung SmartPhone, Biryani Recipe all these keywords are called Short Tale Words.

2. Mid-Tale Keyword

Those keywords in which 3 to 5 words were used are called Mid Tale keywords. In these keywords, the search volume and competition are lower than in the keyword of the short tale.

Example – a is smartphones with a price of less than 500, Top 5 Samsung phones, and biryani case Banathi. This type of keyword is called the Mid-Tale Keyword.

3. Long Tale Keyword

These are keywords in which more than 5 words are used, they are called Long Tale keywords. The search volume is low in Long Tale Keyword, but its advantage is that there is also much less competition in it. If you work on long keywords, your article will most likely be ranked. Long tail keywords are useful for new bloggers.

For example – the best smartphone under 500 in France, the price of Samsung Galaxy Note III in France, and so on. These are all long-tail keywords.

What I learned: What are keywords and what are their types

After reading this article, whatever doubts you have about keywords, need to be removed and you should have understood what keywords are and how important it is to improve the ranking of any website. I have friends, you must have liked this article you wrote. Finally, you are asked to share this article with your friends on social media.

Thanks for reading the article to the end.

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