What is a Micro Niche blog and how to create it?

What is a Micro Niche blog and how to create it?

If you are blogging, you will also get information on blogging Niche. You should know how important it is to choose the right place to succeed in blogging. If you work where competition is very high, you may be delayed in achieving success.

But you can earn good money in less time by working on a Micro Niche blog. Dear friends, if you want to know What is a Micro Niche Blog, read this article to the end. In this article, I have provided you with detailed information on how to create a Micro Niche blog.

So let's start this article without taking too much of your time and find out what Micro Niche is in detail.

What is a Micro Niche blog and how to create it?
What is a Micro Niche blog?

What is a Micro Niche Blog?

Micro Niche consists of two words in which Micro means "hidden" and Niche means a subject. This means that a blog created on a delicate topic is called a Micro Niche Blog.

Suppose you create a blog about health, it will be called a specialized blog, but if you create only your weight loss blog, it will be called a microsite. Similarly, if you create your blog on technology, it will be a Niche blog, but if you create your blog on any one smartphone, it will be a Micro Niche.

Micro Niche blog is designed taking into account the target audience, this type of blog earns through AdSense, affiliate marketing, sponsorship, and so on.

Simply put, a Micro Niche Blog is a blog in which a blog is created by narrowing the niche.

Definition of 'Micro Niche'

A blog that is created on a specific Micro topic is called a Micro Niche Blog.

How to Create a Micro Niche Blog

To create a Micro Niche blog, I gave you a good guide below, by reading which you can easily create your own profitable Micro Niche blog.

1. Choose a niche

To create a Micro Niche blog, you first need to choose Niche. To choose a Niche, you need to do a lot of deep research. If you have a little budget, you can buy paid keyword research tools like ahrefs and SEMrush and find a Micro niche with low competition.

2. do a keyword search

Keyword research is an important part of the Micro Niche blog. After Niche Selection, you should find at least 100 of these keywords that are relevant to the specialist for whom the keyword difficulty is lower. You can save all these keywords in your notepad. If you want to do a keyword search, you can use the paid tool and you can also use the free keyword search tool.

3. domain name purchase

After choosing a niche and searching for keywords, you need to choose a good domain name. You buy only the domain name related to your niche. Suppose you are creating a Micro weight loss blog, then you can take the domain Weightlossguide. That is, buy only the domain that exactly matches the keyword you are focusing on.

4. Select a blogging platform

For a low-key micro-blog, you need to choose the best blogging platform, where you can get many types of facilities. If the question is in your mind about which blog to create a Micro niche blog, then we suggest you become a Micro Niche blogger on WordPress itself.

Because in WordPress you get many of these plugins so that you can do SEO for your blog in a better way. Besides, you can also get a Lightweight Theme in WordPress, which increases the speed of your website, and the ranking of your website an improvement occurs.

5. Setup Blog

If you have decided to create your own Micro Niche blog on WordPress, connect the domain by using Fast Hosting for WordPress Blog. After that, install the necessary plugin for the WordPress Blog, and use the lightweight theme of your blog.

You can use Bluehost hosting to create a Micro specialized blog on WordPress. Bluehost is a fast web hosting in which you also get Top Level Domain for one year for free as well as hosting at a very low cost. WordPress also recommends hosting Bluehost. You can check the current offer in Bluehost from this link.

Since the highest earnings on the Micro Niche blog come from affiliate marketing, you can use the Affiliate Booster theme on the blog to increase your earnings. Affiliate Booster is one of the best WordPress themes designed for affiliate marketing only. And the price of this topic is much lower compared to other topics.

6. start writing articles

After creating the blog, now start writing articles. Make a fixed schedule for the publication of the article. On a Micro specialized blog, you don't have to write a lot of content, you can regularly publish two or 3 posts on your blog in a week. While writing the article, keep in mind that your article should be unique, high-quality, and SEO-friendly.

7. blog SEO optimization

After that, do SEO on the blog, such as creating a backlink for the blog, solving technical errors, and so on. Search engine optimization (SEO) is very important to get the blog ranked in search engines. If your SEO is correct, you can rank quickly. Otherwise, your website may remain in Google Sandbox for several months.

8. start earning from the blog

Now it's time to profit from the blog. There are many ways to earn on a Micro Niche blog, such as :

If you create a Micro Niche blog following the steps mentioned in the article, you will earn good money from your blog.

Advantages of the Micro Niche Blog

By now you should have understood what is Micro Niche Blog and how to create a micro Niche blog. Now let's get acquainted with Micro of the benefits of a Micro specialized blog.

There are many benefits to micro niche blogging such as :

  • You can earn good money from your blog even in the case of low traffic.
  • When creating a Micro Niche blog, you need to work hard for 5-6 months from the very beginning, after which you can make a passive income.
  • Low microblogging is quickly ranked on Google because the blog contains more information on the same topic.
  • You are an expert in the eyes of search engines and users. And people like to take your advice.

Disadvantages of the Micro Niche blog

The Micro Niche blog also has some disadvantages such as :

  • There is no big traffic on Micro specialized blogs.
  • Content ideas are not easily found in niche microblogs.

Micro Niche Blog Idea 

Some of the best Micro Niche blog ideas I told you about below :

  • Weight loss.
  • Fitness Equipment.
  • Yoga.
  • Diet Plan.
  • Cryptocurrency.
  • Make Money Online.
  • Business Idea.
  • Gaming Niche (Gaming PC, Gaming Chair, Gaming Table, etc.).
  • DSLR Camera.
  • Baby Care.
  • Pet Food.
  • Online Course.

Last words: What is a Micro Niche Blog

In this article, I gave you information about What is a Micro Niche blog, by reading what you should have learned about how to create a Micro Niche blog. And also in this article, you should have learned about the advantages and disadvantages of the micro niche blog.

I hope you liked this article I wrote, share this article with your friends on social media. And if you have any questions related to blogging, you can ask them in the comments box.

 Thanks for reading the article to the end.

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