Blogging niche and how to choose a niche for a blog

Blogging is a great way to make money sitting at home. But the most important step to making money from blogging is Niche Selection. Without a convenient location, you can't make more money blogging. But did you know that What is blogging Niche, which will be called a good niche for blogging, and how to choose a suitable niche for a blog?

Blogging niche and how to choose a niche for a blog
Blogging Niche.

If not, you will get answers to all your questions in this article. After reading this article in full, all the confusion regarding your blogging niche will disappear, so let's get started without delay, let's know more about this article What niche blogging is.

What is a blogging niche

A niche is a topic, topic, or category on which a blog is written. When you write a blog about technology, technology is your place in blogging. Likewise, there are different topics in which blogging takes place, such as - wealth, health, travel, news, etc. These are the four main outlets for blogging.

A topic on which bloggers publish articles in their blogs and the basis of which this topic is called the blogging niche.

What is a good blogging niche

A good blogging niche is where you are interested, as people on the internet are looking for that niche, and at the same time, there is market value to that niche.

Type of Blog Niche

There are three basic types of domains that bloggers blog on.

  1. Multi-Niche
  2. Single Niche
  3. Micro Niche

Multi-Niche Blog

Blog Multi-Niche is a blog in which articles are written on many topics. In this type of blog, you will find content written about technology, health, business, beauty, etc.

Most blogs will only find Multi-Niche. In this type of blog, the traffic is very high, but traffic quality is not good. Because in this type of blog, the audience of a particular category is not targeted.

Single Niche Blog

Blog Single Niche Blog is a blog where blogging is done on a single topic. In this type of blog, you will get content on the same topic. Since there is a blog above Health, only health-related content will be found in the entire blog. This type of blog also has good traffic and the quality of traffic is also good.

Micro Niche Blog

Micro Niche Blog is a blog in which articles are written on a small category of niche. Like Health is one of the specialized areas of weight loss or diet, nutrition, yoga, etc.

Traffic is much less in this type of blog, but the profit from small niche blogs is good because the traffic in them is Hot Traffic, which means that the quality of traffic is very good. In this type of blog, if you offer a product to your audience, you will get a good conversion.

How to Select Blog Niche

Before deciding on a blogging niche, you should keep the following five things in mind, and only then can you locate a better blog and achieve success in your blogging career:

  1. Your Interest
  2. Monthly Search
  3. Competition 
  4. Trending and Future of Niche
  5. Cost Per Click

Your interest

The most important part of Niche Selection is that it is very important for you to be interested in any place you want to do blogging. Because blogging depends entirely on content. The more useful content you create for the user, the more benefits you will get in blogging.

If you choose such a place that you are not interested in at all, you will not be able to create a lot of content in this niche and the content you will create will not prove useful to people.

On the other hand, if you are blogging in such a niche that you are interested in, you will be able to create much better content in such a niche. This will also help readers and you will never get bored while writing articles in this area.

Therefore, always try, you should be interested in any place you choose, and only then you can regularly post content and earn people's trust.

Posting articles regularly is very important in blogs. Regularity and consistency play a very important role in achieving success in blogging.

Monthly search

The second part of the specialist selection is the monthly search or search volume. While choosing a niche, it is also important to keep in mind the amount of search volume in your blog niche. It means the number of people looking for the niche you have selected.

If you work in a field that you are interested in, but people are not looking on the internet for that right place, all your hard work may be in vain.

It is also important to have a search volume for those keywords that are relevant to your blog. Because this keyword is a way to bring traffic to your blog.


It is also important to check how competitive it is in the place where you work.

I found such a place where the search volume is also good and you are also interested in this place. But competition is very high in this area, so creating a blog about such a niche may not be a good idea. Because it will take a lot of time for the blog to be ranked in such a right place.

Therefore, competition is also an important factor in choosing a niche. If the competition is too high in your niche, you can find such keywords related to your niche in which the competition is less.

Trend and Future of Niche

While choosing a blogging niche, it is very important to check the direction and future of that niche as well. Most new bloggers forget to check it out.

They are working on such a niche that is heading now but the future is not right in it. Working on trending topics is good but not for a new blogger. Because popular keywords are searched for only for a short time. Therefore, these keywords must be classified very quickly.

But the new blogger does not have much knowledge about SEO, because of which he can not quickly rank his blog. By the time their blog is in order, this topic becomes obsolete. Therefore, by working on a popular topic, The New blogger will not benefit much. Like if you create a blog on WordPress 2021, people will search for it a little in the future, or will not search for it at all.

You can use Google Trend to check the direction and future of the specialized field. If the graph is increasing, blogging on this place is the right idea, and if the graph is decreasing, blogging on this place may not be the right idea.

Cost Per Click


If you are blogging in English, it is very important for you to pay attention to the cost per click, only then you will be able to earn good money from the blog.

Blog Niche Idea

There are more than 50 specialties in the world with which you can create a blog, some of them are as follows:

Finance – this is a very profitable blogging discipline, which many people are looking for, but to work in this area, you need to have a good understanding of Finance. In finance, you can create a blog on topics such as investing, making money, etc.

Health – Health is a wide field, in which you can create a blog about meditation, fitness, yoga, diet, nutrition, exercise, weight loss, etc.

Cooking – under cooking, you can create a blog about recipes, the best restaurants in your area, etc.

Travel – if you are fond of traveling, you can do travel blogging.

Technology – there are many tools within technology. Such as mobile phones, computers, etc.

Digital marketing – digital marketing is a very big topic, as you can blog on topics such as blogging, SEO, WhatsApp mail marketing, social media marketing, PPC, etc.

What I learned : Blogging Niche

Friends, in today's article, we told you how to choose specialized blogs and niches. After reading this article, you should have understood very well what are the important things to keep in mind while choosing niche blogs. I hope you liked this article, share it with your friends too.

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