How to make high-quality backlinks - 15 ways to build backlinks

How to make high-quality backlinks - 15 ways to build backlinks

Backlinks are important for blog visibility, traffic, and ranking in search engines. But many new bloggers don't know that after all, Backlink backlink Kaise Banaye. Link building is a difficult part of SEO because it is not entirely in our hands.

In Backlink, you must link your website to another website, but the owner of this site can also remove your link. But even so, people create backlinks, because there are some ways to build backlinks that new bloggers often don't even know about.

If you are also having trouble creating a backlink, don't worry, because with this article I'm not going to tell you one or two ways to create a backlink, but 15 ways, with which you can create a high-quality backlink for your website.

So, friends, without taking too much of your time, let's start this article.

high-quality backlinks
How to make high-quality backlinks.

How to create a high-quality backlink

In this article, I will take a little time to tell you about Backlink because I told you in my previous article about what Backlink is, you can better understand backlink by reading this article.

In this article, we will talk only about the high-quality backlink Kaise. In this article, I have told you 15 ways, read all the methods one by one, understand them and then apply them in your blog.

But before creating a backlink on any website, you should thoroughly check this site, and only then create a backlink. Before creating a backlink, you can check the following matrix on the website.

  • Domain authority (DA).
  • Page Authority (PA).
  • Spam points (SS).

Always create backlinks from websites with high DA / PA scores and low spam scores.

Before proceeding further with the article, I would like to tell you that there are some ways to create such backlinks that Google now ignores, but such backlinks are necessary to increase the visibility and traffic of your website.

#1. Create a backlink by commenting

This is the easiest way to create backlinks. You can comment on the blog post of any other website related to your niche and link your website in the comment. This way you can create a backlink for the comment.

While creating a backlink for a comment, you should keep in mind one thing you read the blog post and then make this comment according to the post that the owner likes. If you like a nice post, Great, etc. If you comment, no site owner will approve your comment.

You can get nofollow backlinks through comments, but comment backlinks bring traffic to the website and people start getting to know your website on the internet.

#2. you can create a backlink from the forum site

Forum sites are sites where people answer questions. You can create your account on the forum site related to your domain and then answer people's questions, as well as give a link to your website in the answer. This way you can create a backlink from the forum site.

The backlinks created by the forum site are also Nofollow, but these backlinks bring good traffic to the website. Here are some forum sites :

  • Quora.
  • Google Question Hub.
  • Brainly.

You can search the following keywords on Google to find more forum sites.

  • Best Forum Website “Your Keyword”.
  • Forum Website For “Your Keyword”.

#3. Create a backlink by another guest

The best way to create high-quality do-follow backlinks is through Guest posts. You can contact other websites of your niche for guest posting, and if they accept guest sharing, you can get a high-quality backlink by creating a guest post on their website.

Although at the moment almost all websites accept guest posts, guest posts on good websites are often not free, so you may have to pay some amount.

#4. Do social bookmarking

Social bookmarking means bookmarking a website on a social media platform. In the method of creating backlinks, you can create a page on various social networking sites with the name of your blog. In the profile of the page, you will be given the Website option, here you must enter a URL for your website.

Apart from this, when you publish a new blog post, also share it on social media. There is a lot of traffic on social media, so sharing blog posts will bring instant traffic to your blog.

The domain authority and Page Authority of your social bookmarking site are very high. Here are some social bookmarking sites.

  • Facebook.
  • Instagram.
  • Pinterest.
  • Twitter.
  • Linkedin.

To find more social bookmark websites, you can search the list of Google Keyword social bookmark websites.

#5. you can create a backlink from the blog submission

Submit blog There are websites where you can submit your blog or post and get backlinks.

To find a blog submission site, you can search Google by typing the blog submission site list. Here you will get a list of blogging submission sites with lots of high DA / PA.

To create a backlink on a blog submission site, you must first register on these sites, and then send a good unique blog post by writing it. You should add a URL to your website or a web page in the blog post. This way you can get high quality by submitting the blog.

#6. Create a backlink by sending the photo

Send photos there are websites where you can create a backlink by sending a photo. To create a backlink on the photo submission site, you must first log in to these sites and then you can create a backlink by sending a photo.

To find Photo Submission Sites, you can search by typing the list of photo submission sites in Google, and you will find many websites.

#7. Build profile backlinks

Websites, where you can get do follow backlinks by creating a profile for your blog, are called profile backlinks. Profile creation sites are high DA / PA, which improves the appearance and ranking of your website in search engines.

To create a profile backlink, you must log in to these sites and also create a profile by filling in the full details of your blog or business. When creating a profile, there is also a website option here, where you can create a backlink by entering a URL for your website.

To find the profile Backlink website, you can search by typing the profile submission site list in Google, and you will find many profile submission sites.

#8. Create backlinks from directory submission

Directory submission is a website where you create a link to your website in different directories within a certain category.

Directory submissions are also free and paid and you can also get Dofollow Backlinks and Nofollow from directory submissions. By the way, most paid directory submission sites only give backlinks to Dofollow.

To submit the guide, you have to log in to these sites and select a certain category if your blog is on digital marketing, you have to list your blog in the same digital marketing category. There can also be a subcategory here.

To find the directory submission site, you can search on Google by typing the directory submission site list. You can also use public or free keywords, such as the free directory submission website list 2022.

#9. Build backlinks from confidential submissions

Classified submission is a link-building technique in which you can use free advertising to promote your website or to create backlinks. It's better for business techniques.

If you have your own business, classified submission is very useful for you, because you can promote your service for free and get more customers.

To do the tabbed submission, you have to create a professional account on these sites and then create a free ad by selecting the category of your website, while creating the ad, you will get the Website option from which you can create a backlink by entering a URL for your website.

To find the classified submission website, you can search by typing the list of classified submission websites into Google.

#10. you can create backlinks using Web 2.0 submission

Web 2.0 There are websites where you can create backlinks by sharing your content. There are 2.0 High Authority websites where there are many users. You can create backlinks on these sites by creating your account. To find a Web 2.0 website, you can search by typing the list of Web 2.0 websites in Google.

#11. build backlinks by redirecting the domain

Domain redirection is a technique for creating backlinks with which you can buy an old domain with good backlinks, and redirect it 301 to your website.

Through 301 Redirection, all the values and backlinks of the old domain will be transferred to your domain. Domain redirection is a powerful technique for creating backlinks.

#12. create high-quality backlinks from Wikipedia

When it comes to creating a high-quality backlink, it cannot happen that the Wikipedia name does not come up in it. Wikipedia is one of the most trusted sites on the internet.

You can also create backlinks on high-authority websites like Wikipedia and improve your website ranking. You get nofollow backlinks from Wikipedia.

To create a backlink on Wikipedia, you first need to create an account in it, and then you can create a backlink in Wikipedia by adding some additional information to an article in your speciality. You can also create a backlink by adding a URL for your website to an external link at the bottom of the Wikipedia article.

Keep in mind that you create a backlink to the relevant web page only by adding the correct information to Wikipedia, otherwise, Wikipedia moderators remove your backlink.

#13. competitor backlink analysis

You can analyze your competitors in terms of whether they have created backlinks, and then you can also create backlinks from those sites. This is the easiest way to create backlinks. Most bloggers create backlinks only after analyzing their competitors.

#14. backlinks can be purchased

If you have money or you are making money from the blog, you can buy a backlink from high DA / PA sites. You make a list of high DA / PA sites and then go to the Contact Us page and contact them to buy backlinks. Most website owners provide backlinks with money.

#15. get organic links

Organic links are links where you don't have to create backlinks yourself, but others give you backlinks by linking the content of your website to their website. It is also called Link Earning. These links are very powerful in SEO.

To get an organic link, you should write such linkable content, and only then people will give a backlink to your blog. You write great content while doing a deep search yourself, and you get organic backlinks by ranking them in search engines.

#Bonus. make an internal link

Internal linking: This is a link-building technique in which you link other related blogs in one of your blog posts. Internal linking is an important factor for website ranking, it keeps your bounce rate, and these links also pass, so you should do internal linking in a blog post yourself.

The benefits of creating high-quality backlinks

You get many benefits from creating high-quality backlinks, some of which we told you about below.

  • The ranking of the site is improving.
  • Increase the visibility of the site in search engines.
  • People start to know about your website.
  • Traffic to your website increases.
  • The reputation of your website is good in the eyes of Google.
  • You can promote the site for free.

Conclusion: How to make high-quality backlinks

In this article, we learned How to make high-quality backlinks is of high quality. I sincerely hope that this article was useful to you. You should also share this article with your bloggers and digital marketers' friends so that they can also help create backlinks. If you have any queries related to this article, feel free to ask us in the comments box.

Thanks for reading the article to the end.

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