What is social media, an article about social media

What is social media, an article about social media

In today's article, we will discuss what social media is. The modern era is the era of social media, almost everyone in the world is connected to some social media platforms. In such a situation, everyone must be aware of social media's positive and negative effects. You will learn about all this in this article.

Social media has become the largest means of information exchange in our time. It has become an important part of human life, most people like to share every event that happens in their life on social media.

With the advent of social media, many problems in human life have been removed. Using it makes it easier to talk to a person sitting in another country, who looks like he is sitting in front of us. Today everyone wants to publish their work online because now people are active on social media most of the time.

With the advent of social media, on the one hand, the problems of human beings were eliminated, on the other hand, they also had a lot of adverse effects on human society. All that we will talk about in this article.

So let's start today's article without taking too much of your time and find out what social media is in detail.

What is social media
What is social media, an article about social media?

What is Social Media

Social media consists of two words social and informational. In any social media, the media means the medium. That is, social media is a means by which people communicate with each other using the internet.

In social media, people can connect and share any kind of information, conduct friendships and relationships, find out about the country and the world, they can put their point of view in front of the world, etc. You can do this through social media.

Definition of Social Media

Social media is a type of website or application that allows people to connect and share information. Facebook Instagram, Twitter, etc. are the most popular.

History of Social Media

There are many types of social media platforms in the world today, but did you know what the first social media in the world Let's also find out about this in the history of social media.

SixDegrees was the world's first social media platform created by Andrew Weinreich in 1997 but was closed in 2001.

The Linkedin social networking site was created in 2002, and its main goal was for people to be able to get the right job. This is a good platform for job seekers.

Then Facebook was launched in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, after the arrival of Facebook, social media reached a different level. Due to the growing popularity of social media, many types of social media platforms have gradually begun to appear on the market.

Today social media platforms have become an important part of people's lives. Social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram are very popular among people.

Social Media Day

Every year, June 30 is celebrated as social media day all over the world. Social media day was first celebrated on June 30, 2010, at that time social media day was observed to promote the benefit of social media worldwide.

Types of Social Media

There are two main types of social media.

  • Internal Social Media.
  • External Social Media.

1. Internal Social Media

Internal social media is a special community in which few people are connected. An invitation is required to join this type of social media. Such as a private group, any private forum, etc.

2. External Social Media

External social media is a public community in which a large number of people are connected. Anyone can join this type of social media. Facebook Instagram, Twitter, etc. are the most popular.

Social Media Platform

There are many social media platforms, and every day many new social media platforms are created. But some of the most used major social media platforms are as follows :

  • Facebook.
  • WhatsApp.
  • Instagram.
  • Pinterest.
  • LinkedIn.
  • Reddit.
  • Tumbler etc.

Positive effects of social media

There have been many positive results due to the advent of social media, and we have told you some of them below.

1. helpful in reducing distances

With the advent of social media, the distance between people has shrunk, no matter where you live in any corner of the world, through social media, you can talk to your family members in a video call because there is no sense of distance in the relationship. The most significant achievement of social media has been that people are connected through it.

2. exchange of information about the world

With the advent of social media, any news happening in any corner of the world arrives directly on your phone via Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, etc., or you can reach people with your words via social media.

3. communicate with new people

On social media, you meet new people and can befriend them. Many people choose their life partners through social media.

4. business promotion

Due to the popularity of social media, most of the company are now doing online marketing, which is called digital marketing. Through digital marketing, the company succeeds in finding the right customer for its product with less money.

There has been a lot of progress in online business through social media. Everyone wants to take their business online.

5. people got a job

Through social media, many people have made a different identity for themselves. People earn big dollars a month by creating a vlog, YouTube, digital marketing, etc. Some people become stars overnight through social media.

6. he can learn new skills

People also share their knowledge on social media, so you can learn some new skills very easily. YouTube is the best platform to learn new skills.

Negative effects of social media

Just as every currency has two sides, in the same way, besides the advantages of social media, many disadvantages cannot be ignored. Below we have told you some disadvantages of social media.

1. Is social media addiction for children and young people

With the advent of social media, children spend more time on the phone than on their studies. This puts their future at risk.

Today's youth are also becoming very trapped in social media networks very quickly. They are unable to control their social media addiction even if they wanted to, and they waste their precious time on social media.

2. physical diseases

With the advent of social media, children have to face a lot of physical problems from a young age. Due to spending more time on the phone, they do not pay attention to physical activities such as playing, jumping, and aerobics, due to the spread of many diseases in the body.

Apart from this, there is a risk of eye problems, you must have seen that nowadays children have to resort to specs from a young age.

3. mental illnesses

Speaking of the most dangerous disease of our time is depression. People are so busy in the world of social media that they are no longer interested in the world of reality outside.

People use social media so much that a different world is created in them, which makes them begin to fall prey to diseases such as depression. There have also been many such reports when people harmed themselves due to excessive use of social media.

4. The threat of cybercrime

With the advent of social For thosFor thosFor thosFor those, the risk of cybercrime has greatly increased. For those who have little knowledge about social media, some smart people seduce such people and take full information about their bank and empty their accounts minutes before.

5. inability to fully concentrate on work

With the advent of social media, people spend more time on their phones, due to which their level of concentration is constantly decreasing. They are not able to complete their work on time and in a good way.

6. bitterness in a real relationship

Although people have become connected with the advent of social media, they don't have any time for their real relationships. People are engaged on the phone all day and cannot talk to their family members.

People spend time chatting with only their friends they know through social media. This is also a significant negative impact of social media.

7. spreading false news

People share any news on social media without any complete information. Because some false news spread all over the world in no time. There is always a feeling of violence due to the spread of false news.

Apart from all this, there are many side effects of social media, which are very harmful to humans.

Frequently asked questions related to social media

Some common questions related to social media are often asked by people.

Q – What is the meaning of social media?

Social media means social media. social media means social media. This means by which people can communicate and share information is called social media.

Q – What comes up on social networking sites?

All those sites or applications come in social media, through which you can share any kind of information with people.

Q – How many types of social media are there?

All types of social media platforms are divided into two. Internal social media and external social media.

Q – What is the world's first social media platform?

The world's first social media platform was SixDegrees, created by Andrew Weinreich in 1997.

Q – When is social networking Day celebrated?

Social media day is celebrated all over the world on June 30th.

Conclusion: What is social media, Is an article about social media

If we use social media within limits, it is very useful for us, always use it only for need. But if it continues to be used in another way, then in the future mankind may have to face a very big problem.

So always try not to let your children use their phones more, and you should always do your work first and not spend time on social media unnecessarily. You must understand the value of your time, if you understand the value of your time, you can prevent yourself from becoming addicted to social media.

The purpose of writing an article on social media was not to use social media without the need. If you limit the use of social media, then you will live a happy life.

I hope you liked this article that we wrote on What is social media, an article about social media, share this article with your friends too so that they too can learn something.

Thanks for reading the article to the end.

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