How to do 100% Google Adsense approval

How to do 100% Google Adsense approval

What is Google AdSense approval – as long as I have been getting rejected but not getting AdSense approval, I used to remember this dialogue box when I started my blogging career about 5 years ago today I have the biggest problem getting approval to use Google AdSense to come.

But later, while I was learning things, I realized that getting Google Adsense approval is not so difficult, at first a new blogger has to face a lot of difficulties in getting Adsense approval due to a lack of knowledge.

Many bloggers leave blogging only because they do not get Adsense approval, if you are also new to blogging and do not get Adsense approval, then this article can be useful for you because in this article you have been provided with complete information on how to do Google AdSense approval.

So let's start this article without taking too much of your time.

How to do 100% Google Adsense approval
How to do 100% Google Adsense approval.

Reasons for not getting Google AdSense approval

What is Google AdSense Approval, it is also necessary to find out why Google Adsense approval is not available. Some of the reasons for not getting Google Adsense approval can be as follows :

  • There is not enough content on the blog.
  • The lack of necessary pages on the blog.
  • Use of copyrighted materials on the blog.
  • The blog content is contrary to Google Adsense policies.
  • The site must be in an under-construction mode.
  • The AdSense code was not pasted correctly on the blog.
  • He already has a Google AdSense account.
  • Paid traffic on the blog.

These were the main reasons for not getting Google Adsense approval, now let's figure out how to get Google Adsense approval.

How to approve Google AdSense

Many bloggers do not even understand what is Google Adsense, so they do not even get approval. Google Adsense is an advertising network that wants AdSense ads to appear on as many blogs as possible, which it will also earn.

Since the more publishers, Google has, the more advertisers show ads on Google, and to show advertisers ads, Google needs a blog that can be trusted and whose content is strong.

For this reason, before approving any blog, Google Adsense continues to check this blog about how it works, whether the type of content you post has any future or not, and so on, based on which Google Adsense approves a blog.

If everything goes well in a blog, you will quickly get Adsense approval. Although Google AdSense is stricter than other advertising networks, it does not approve of any blog without thinking.

But if you follow the things mentioned in this article, your chances of getting Adsense approved will increase.

#1. Use a custom domain name

When you have applied for Google AdSense approval, add the top-level domain name (. com, net,.site, .org, etc.). By the way, Adsense approval is also available on the subdomain, but in most cases, it was noticed that approval is quickly available on the top-level domain.

If you get approval in a subdomain and if your blog becomes a trademark in the future, you will have to take a dedicated domain, then again you will have to get Adsense approval in this area. That's why it's a good idea to initially add a custom domain to the blog.

#2. Create important pages

According to the Google Adsense guidelines, it is necessary to have 3 important pages on the blog to get AdSense approval, without them you cannot get Adsense approval. These three pages are about us, Contact Us, and Privacy Policy.

In addition to these three pages, you can also create a disclaimer page, terms, and conditions, and if you are doing affiliate marketing from your blog, also create a partner disclosure page.

You can create pages easily from this link.

#3. Blog design and navigation

Blog design is an important factor to get Adsense approved for a blog, so you should always use a lightweight and easy-to-use theme with Adsense and keep the blog design simple. In most cases, blogs with a minimalist design get Adsense approval quickly, because such blogs are easy to use.

If your blog is on WordPress, you can use a lightweight theme like GeneratePress. And you can use themes like Minima Colored 3 and Palki 2 on the blogger.

Apart from this, you can create the appropriate navigation in the blog. To make good navigation, you can use the menu bar, footer, and sidebar where you can link important categories or web pages.

#4. Minimum domain age

Most new bloggers apply for Adsense approval only 5-10 days after creating a blog and their application is rejected. If you also make the same mistake, you will be able to get Adsense approval extremely difficult.

Do not apply for Adsense until at least one month after creating a blog, and the older the blog, the more chances of getting Adsense approval. You can apply for Adsense approval even after 3 or 6 months.

#5. Quality content

Although all the points mentioned in this article are important for obtaining Google AdSense approval, if one of them is called the most important, it is the content. Because Google also says that content is king.

If you have high-quality content on your blog, you will get 100% approval from Adsense. That's why you write accurate and high-quality articles only after full-fledged research. If you can't write articles, hire a content writer who can write a good article for you.

To write quality content, you can keep the following things in mind :

  • Cover all topics related to the article in the article.
  • Write unique articles, do not write articles by copying and pasting them from any other blog.
  • Write an SEO-friendly article.
  • Write articles on a topic about which there is not much information on the internet.
  • Write articles by Google's content policy.

#6. Supported language

Google Adsense does not approve blogs in any language but gives AdSense approval only to blogs that contain some specific languages. If your blog is in English, you will get Adsense approval easily because Google Adsense supports the English language.

To find out which language Google AdSense supports, you can read this article from Google Adsense - Google AdSense Language Support.

#7. Copyright Free Image

With the writing of unique articles, you should use copyright-free images. Google does not like copying materials. If there is any kind of copyright material on your blog, you hardly get AdSense approval.

There are many such sites on the internet where you can download copyright-free images and use them in your blog. We have suggested some sites for you below.

  • Pixabay.
  • Unsplash.
  • Pixel.

#8. Write at least 20 posts

Most new bloggers write 5-7 posts after creating a blog and then quickly apply for Adsense and their applications are rejected. And then in the future, they do not receive Adsense approval for a very long time.

You should avoid making such a mistake, you apply for blog Adsense only after writing 20 posts of at least 1500 words. This increases your chances of getting Adsense approved.

#9. Install SSL certificate

SSL certification ensures that your blog or website is safe for internet users, and is also a ranking factor. That's why you should install an SSL certificate on your blog.

If your blog is on Blogger, you will get a free SSL certificate from Google and all WordPress blog web hosting provider companies provide SSL certificate facilities for free.

#10. Remove Other Ad Network

If you use any other ad network on your blog, then before submitting your blog for Adsense approval, remove the ads of all other ad networks from the blog. Because there are many ad networks that Google Adsense does not support.

#11. Blog Traffic

By the way, it is not necessary to have blog traffic to get Google AdSense approval, you can get Adsense approval even at 0 traffic. But if you have 40-50 traffic per day on your blog, it will be easier for you to get Adsense approved.

That is why you apply for Adsense only after getting some traffic. If there is no traffic on your blog, there is no point in getting Adsense approval because without traffic you will not earn.

Apart from this, websites with AdSense should not take paid visits, if you apply for Adsense by taking paid visits, you will not get Adsense approval, and if you have Adsense approval, this can also be disabled due to paid visits.

That's why you always try to bring organic traffic to the blog, which comes from the search engine through an SEO effort. You can read this article for help - on how to increase blog traffic.

#12. Work Consistency

Many new bloggers do not post new articles on the blog after submitting the blog for Adsense approval and think that upon receiving approval, they will publish the article. And this is a big mistake.

You should not do this at all, even after submitting the blog for Adsense approval, you continued to post articles on the blog in your schedule regularly.

If you have not published the article after applying for Adsense, a signal will be sent to Google that you are working on the blog only for Adsense and after obtaining Adsense approval, you will not work on the blog. Even in this case, you cannot get AdSense approval.

Google AdSense Approval Tricks

Below we have told you some quick tips for obtaining Adsense approval, you can also consider it as a summary of the entire article.

  • Use a private domain name.
  • Create the necessary pages for the blog.
  • Make the Adsense blog friendly.
  • Apply for Adsense only 1 to 3 months after creating a blog.
  • Write high-quality content on the blog
  • Write articles in the same languages that Google Adsense supports.
  • Use copyright-free images.
  • Apply after writing at least 20 posts.
  • Apply for Adsense only when your website is completely ready.
  • Install the SSL certificate on the blog.
  • Remove ads from other display networks.
  • Apply for Adsense only after getting some traffic on the blog.
  •  Also, bring organic traffic to the blog, do not send any kind of paid traffic to the blog.
  • Paste the Adsense code correctly into the blog.
  • Post articles regularly on the blog even after submitting the blog to Google Adsense approval.

If you keep all these things in mind, your chances of getting Adsense approved will increase.

FAQ: What is Google AdSense approval

Q – is it easy to get Google Adsense approval?

Yes, if you read the Adsense policy correctly and follow its instructions, you will easily get Adsense approval.

Q – is Adsense consent available with the affiliate website?

Yes, although with affiliate links or banners, Adsense approval is available, but it is necessary to have high-quality content and an affiliate disclosure page on your blog.

Q – Can I apply for Adsense again after Adsense is rejected?

Yes, if Adsense rejects your blog, you can apply your blog to Adsense unlimited times by making the necessary changes.

Q – Can the blog and YouTube be linked to the same Adsense account?

Yes, you can link your blog and YouTube to the same Adsense account.

Q – How many blogs can I add to one Adsense account?

You can add an unlimited number of blogs to one Adsense account.

Conclusion: what is Google AdSense approval

As for me, most of the new bloggers only work with Google Adsense, he believes that only when I get Google Adsense approval, I can earn money from the blog. I'm saying this because I had the same thought at the beginning.

If you are also blogging and you think that if I get Google Adsense approval, then only I will do a good job on the blog, then you can quit blogging very soon. In my opinion, you should always work for traffic, if you have traffic on your blog, then you can earn money in several ways.

So that was the complete information about what is Google AdSense approval, if you encounter any kind of problems in obtaining Adsense approval even after following the steps mentioned in the article, you can let me know in the comments box, and I will answer your questions soon I will answer at the end I ask you to share this article with your friends via social media.

Thanks for reading the article to the end.

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