How to make money blogging - these 10 ways

How to make money blogging - these 10 ways

How to make money blogging – friends, if you are thinking about creating a blog or already have one, and you want to make money from your blog, read this article in full. Today in this article I have told you in detail about 10 ways to make money from a blog, with which you can earn a lot of income from your blog. So let's start this article today without taking too much time from you guys.

How to make money blogging
How to make money blogging - these 10 ways.

What is a blog

A blog is a platform where people can put their experiences, acquaintances, ideas, or opinions in front of the online world in writing. A person who regularly publishes posts on this blog and manages the blog is called a blogger. The process of managing a blog through Blogger is called blogging.

If you want to learn more about blogging, you can get a lot of information about blogging from the blogging category of our blog. And if you want to create a blog, read our article on how to create a blog, we told you in 11 steps how you can start your own blog.

How to make money blogging

Although there are many ways to make money blogging, in this article I told you about 10 very popular ways to make money blogging. So let's get acquainted with all ten methods in detail.

1. make money from blogging through Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the first and easiest way for every new blogger to make money from a blog. Most of the ads you see on the internet are displayed through Google AdSense.

Google Adsense is a very large ad network, which gives its publishers more CPC than other ad networks. To run Google ads on your blog, you first need to get Google AdSense approval, and when your blog is approved, you can earn money by showing ads on your blog.

When the user only sees the ad, he gets less money and when the user clicks on the ad, the publisher gets more money. All countries now and many of the best global blogs are also winning through Google Adsense.

2. through affiliate marketing

If you want to make more money from your blog with less traffic, affiliate marketing is best for you. With affiliate marketing, you can earn a lot of dollars from your blog in a very short time.

Affiliate marketing is such marketing, where you have to promote the product of another company through a link, and when the user clicks on this link and buys the product, you get a percentage of the commission from the company.

Affiliate marketing is very popular nowadays, and most of the top bloggers earn money from their blogs only through affiliate marketing. Here are some popular partnership platforms :

  • Amazon Affiliate.
  • Clickbank.
  • Warrior Plus.
  • Digistore24.
  • Share a Sale.

You can earn money by creating your affiliate account on these sites and promoting relevant products from your blogging niche.

3. by Guest Post

When the authority of your blog increases, many bloggers will contact you for guest posting. In the guest post, you must give a backlink to another blogger on your website. Bloggers themselves will write content for your blog, you just need to post this content on your blog. If you have good traffic on your blog, you can also charge 50 to 100 dollars for a guest post.

4. earn from the blog through the sponsored post

A sponsored post is also a good way to make money from a blog. If you have good traffic on your blog, many companies will contact you for sponsorship. In a sponsored post, you should post a review post about the company on your blog, and in return, the company pays you a lot.

The supported post depends on the traffic, the popularity of the blog, etc. You can easily collect 100 dollars through a sponsored post.

5. sale of advertising space

Google Adsense pays you for clicks, but with direct advertising, you can also earn money by showing ads on your blog. When your blog has good traffic, people will recognize you, then many companies will contact you for direct advertising.

In live advertising, you must show the company's ad in an advertising space anywhere on your blog. This means that the company must sell Ad Space on its blog. You can also earn a lot from your blog through direct advertising.

6. make money from the blog through other ad networks

Most new bloggers face a lot of difficulties in obtaining Google AdSense approval because the Google AdSense policy is very complicated. If you also find it difficult to get Google Adsense approval, you can show their ads on your blog by getting approval from other advertising networks, and earn money.

Below I have told you about some popular ad networks :

  • Media net.
  • Adsterra.
  • Info link.
  • Adcash.
  • Propeller Ad etc.

7. you can make money from the blog by selling the e-book

The full name of the e-book is an Electronic Book. People like to read e-books nowadays because they spend most of their time using their mobile phones or computers. You can sell through your blog by creating an ebook related to the best content on your blog (where you have good knowledge).

As if your blog is on digital marketing, you can create and sell an ebook related to content marketing, email marketing, etc.

8. selling courses online

Nowadays, people are showing more interest in online learning. You can sell your experience and experience by giving it in the form of a training course. Many bloggers earn thousands of dollars every month by selling online courses.

9. make money from a blog by offering your own service

Earning money for your service is the best way for a new blogger. It takes a long time to make money from the blog in any other way, at least one year if you are completely new, then you start making money from the blog in a very short time by offering your service.

You can provide a relevant service with any skill you have. As you learn how to write content, you can earn money by offering a content writing service, or you can earn money from your blog by offering services such as web design, logo design, etc.

10. selling the blog

If you don't want to work on your blog, you can also earn money by selling blogs. If you know how to create a blog Well, you can also earn a lot by selling the blog online. Flippa is the best platform to sell blogs. You will easily find buyers for your blog on Flippa.

FAQ Section – How to make money blogging

Q – How Much Money Do bloggers make?

To make money blogging, you have to bring traffic to your blog. If you have traffic of 2-3 lakhs per month on your blog, you can earn 1-2 dollars a month from your blog.

Q – How long does it take to make money from blogging?

Making money blogging depends on the niche you are blogging in and the amount of time you give to your blog. If you work hard, you can earn money on the blog even in 6 months.

Q – How to earn income from a blog?

You can make income from the blog in several ways, you are reading this article in full, with this we have provided you with complete information on how to profit from the blog.

The last word: How to make money blogging

After reading this article, you should have understood how to make money blogging. In this article, I have told you 10 ways to make money from a blog. But if your blog is very popular, then you have many options for making money from the blog.

That's all in this article, I hope you have some inspiration from this article, and you can also start making money by creating your own cool blog.

Thanks for reading the article to the end.

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