What is VPS hosting, where to buy it, advantages and disadvantages

 What is VPS hosting, where to buy it, advantages and disadvantages

What is VPS hosting – if you are a web developer or blogger, you must have heard about hosting. There are also many types of hosting that you can purchase according to the needs of your website. If your website has high traffic, then VPS Hosting is best for you.

But before buying any Hosting, there should be complete information about it. If you want to purchase VPS hosting, then you must have full knowledge of it. You have reached the right blog post for details about VPS hosting.

In today's post, you will learn about what VPS hosting is How it works What are the advantages and disadvantages of VPS hosting, And where to buy affordable VPS hosting

So friends, without taking much of your time, start this article and learn more about VPS hosting in detail.

What is VPS hosting, where to buy it, advantages and disadvantages
What is VPS hosting, where to buy it, advantages and disadvantages?

VPS Full Form

Before getting acquainted with VPS hosting, it is necessary to find out the whole format of VPS. The full-fledged form of VPS is Virtual Private Server, a virtual private server. She means a server that does not exist.

What is VPS hosting

VPS Hosting is a hosting in which the physical server is divided into several different parts and all these parts begin to function as a server, these parts of the physical server are called virtual servers. In this, each website is given a full-fledged part of the physical server.

As its name suggests, it is a virtual private server that is physically or physically unavailable. That is, the main server is only one but has been divided into many virtual parts through virtualization technology.

Let's understand this with a simple example :

You all must have gone to the mall, inside which there are many shops. What happens in the mall is that many rooms inside it are reserved for shops. And when a shopkeeper wants to open his shop in the mall, he is given only his room. Apart from him, no other shopkeeper can use that room.

It means that the entire mall does not belong to the store's owner, but a store inside the mall or says a stationary place that belongs to him, for which he uses all the resources himself. Similarly, you can understand VPS hosting too.

  • trade Center – physical server.
  • Rooms – the virtual server.
  • Store – location.
  • Shopkeeper – the owner of the site.

In VPS hosting, there is only one server, but it is divided into several different parts. And each site owner gets a fixed part that only he can use. Unlike shared hosting, a website hosted in a VPS hosting server cannot use the resources of any other website.

Why is VPS hosting used

VPS Hosting is used to reduce the cost of dedicated hosting. A regular traffic website is not able to take full advantage of the resources available in dedicated hosting, so hosting providers came up with the concept of VPS hosting.

In this, the cost of the server is completely divided, so that all website owners get a virtual private server at affordable prices.

Let's understand this from the example of the mall above if a person buys the entire mall to create a store, it will cost him a lot, and he does not have enough materials to fully use the mall. That's why he buys a room in the mall, at a low price, and his entire material also comes in one room.

VPS Hosting is Cheaper Than dedicated hosting and more expensive than shared hosting. VPS Hosting is scalable, you can increase or decrease resources according to the needs of your website.

By reading up here, you must have understood what it is VPS Hosting, now let's find out how it works.

How does VPS hosting work

A physical server is divided into several virtual servers through virtualization technology. And each virtual server starts working as a server. When a user purchases VPS hosting from a hosting company, he is given one part of the physical server, the resources of which can only be used by him.

The way VPS hosting works is also like all other hosting services, when a user searches for the address of our website in the browser, our server takes his request and displays the content of the site in front of him in a web browser.

Who is suitable for VPS hosting

VPS Hosting is better for a high-traffic website that needs its hosting control because it saves much more resources than Shared Hosting, which improves site performance. Also, such hosting is cheaper than Dedicated.

If your website needs more resources than shared hosting and less than dedicated hosting, then VPS Hosting is a good option for you.

The difference between managed and unmanaged VPS hosting

Nowadays, Managed VPS Hosting is also being discussed a lot, so it is also necessary to know the difference between these two before purchasing VPS hosting. We explained the difference between the two in the table below.

Unmanaged VPS Hosting Managed VPS Hosting
In unmanaged VPS hosting, the user has to fully manage the server. In Managed VPS Hosting, the hosting provider manages the hosting for the user.
In unmanaged VPS hosting, root access is provided to the user. A user of a Managed VPS Hosting may or may not get root access.
The cost of unmanaged VPS Hosting is lower than the cost of Managed VPS Hosting. Managed VPS Hosting is expensive.
The user must have deep technical knowledge of hosting management. The user does not need a lot of technical knowledge to manage the hosting.

Advantages of VPS hosting

There are many advantages of hosting a VPS, which we told you about below.

  1. VPS Hosting is flexible, you can increase or decrease resources (storage, bandwidth, etc.) according to the needs of your website.
  2. VPS Hosting is Cheaper Than dedicated hosting.
  3. In VPS hosting, the user has more control over the hosting compared to shared hosting.
  4. In VPS hosting, the user gets root access, which means that he fully controls the server.
  5. Since only one user's website is hosted on a server, there is no risk of malware coming from other websites.
  6. VPS hosting increases site performance.
  7. VPS Hosting can handle more traffic.
  8. Since the server is completely controlled by the user, the user can install the software or operating system of his choice.
  9. In VPS hosting, the user gets a full-fledged virtual server that he uses himself. This preserves privacy.

Disadvantages of VPS hosting

These are the advantages of VPS hosting, let's take a look at its disadvantages as well.

  1. VPS Hosting is more expensive than shared hosting.
  2. It is necessary to have the technical knowledge to use VPS hosting, otherwise, you may encounter a lot of problems.
  3. In VPS hosting, you do not get a physical server, you are given a part of the physical server.

Where to buy VPS hosting

Many companies on the market offer VPS hosting, and below we have told you about some of the best VPS hosting providers in the world, where you can buy VPS hosting.

1. Bluehost

Bluehost is a world-famous hosting provider, which is known for its excellent hosting services. Apart from shared and dedicated, you can also purchase VPS hosting from Bluehost. Bluehost provides the following features in the simplest VPS hosting plan.

  • Unlimited Website.
  • 2 Core.
  • 30 GB SSD Storage.
  • 2 GB RAM.
  • 1 TB Bandwidth.
  • 1 IP Address.
  • Free domain for one year.
  • Free email from Microsoft for 30 days and much more.

You go to the Bluehost website by clicking the button above and selecting VPS hosting in the top hosting option, then you can purchase VPS hosting from Bluehost.

2. Hostinger

If you want to take advantage of a VPS hosting service at an affordable price, then Hostinger is a good option for you. Hostinger has 8 different VPS hosting plans. The basic VPS plan for Hostinger has the following features.

  • Unlimited Website.
  • 1 Core.
  • 1 GB RAM.
  • 20 GB SSD Storage.
  • 1 TB Bandwidth.
  • Full Root Access.
  • IP custom and much more.

Check Hostinger

You can go to the Hostinger website via the button above, and then select VPS hosting in the hosting option. Then after checking all the plans, you can purchase the best VPS hosting for yourself.

3. Host Gator

The company HostGator provides a Managed VPS service, where you can take advantage of the VPS hosting service even with simple technical knowledge. Because of this, the HostGator company itself will manage your server. If you use Managed VPS, you will have to pay more for it.

HostGator has 4 different VPS hosting plans, in the starting VPS hosting plan, you will get the following features :

  • Unlimited Website.
  • 2 Core CPU.
  • 2 GB RAM.
  • 20 GB SSD.
  • 1 TB Bandwidth.
  • Free migration of sites and much more.

Visit HostGator

When you visit the official website of HostGator Hosting, you will be given a separate section for VPS hosting, you can purchase managed and unmanaged VPS hosting according to your needs.

FAQ: What is hosting VPS

Q – What is the full VPS format?

It is necessary to know the complete format of the VPS. A full-fledged form of VPS is Virtual Private Server, which is called a virtual private server.

Q – Who is VPS hosting suitable for?

Websites that have good traffic and require more resources than shared hosting and less than dedicated hosting.

Q – What is the cost of VPS hosting?

The prices of different companies are also different, you can check the price of VPS hosting by visiting the official website of the hosting providers.

Q – is it possible to use VPS hosting without technical knowledge?

Yes, of course, you can use VPS hosting even without technical knowledge by purchasing Managed VPS Hosting.

The last word: VPS hosting

If the traffic on your website is good, and you want to host it under your control, then VPS Hosting is the best option for you. You can enjoy dedicated hosting at affordable prices.

That's all in this article, we have full hope that after reading this article you should have understood what VPS Hosting is, if you still have questions related to VPS hosting in your mind, you can ask us in the comments box. Maybe. In the end, you will be asked to share this article with your friends as well.

Thanks for reading the article to the end.

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