How to quickly index a blog in Google 5 ways

How to quickly index a blog in Google 5 ways

Indexing is the most important thing to get your blog ranked on Google. Because when Google indexes the blog, only then will it display the blog on its search results page. It takes a few days to a few weeks for a blog post or page to be indexed. A web page not indexed in Google is a common problem anyone can face.

With these times in mind, I wrote an article today. In this article, you will find out how to quickly index a blog on Google. If your web pages are not indexed, then definitely read this article to the end.

Getting your post indexed in Google has become a big problem in today's time, which many bloggers have to face. You post new positions on your blog, but if they are not indexed, then your hard work is in vain. Because any Web page is ranked on Google search engine results pages (SERP) only when it is indexed.

In this article, I told you how you can quickly index the web pages of your blog on Google. So let's start this article without delay.

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How to quickly index a blog in Google 5 Ways.

How is indexing done?

Before figuring out how to quickly index a blog in Google, let's understand what stages your blog post must go through to be indexed after it is published, that is, what is the indexing process.

1. Discovery

When you publish a blog post, Google bots first recognize your new page. You can also submit your blog post for indexing manually by going to Google Search Console.

2. Crawling

After that Google bots crawl to your new page, where they try to understand what your web page is written about.

3. Indexing

Indexing is the last stage after crawling. Crawling does not mean that your page will be indexed in Google. After crawling your page, if Google feels that your content is useful, only then does it Index your page.

If your page is not valuable or will be against the Google directory line, your new page index will not exist. Indexing means that Google adds your new web page to its list so that it can rank your web page on "relevant keywords" on SERP.

How to index a blog quickly

Indexing in Google is a complex process, which is not a matter that ordinary users like us understand. As I said earlier, Google indexes your web page only if your content is usable.

Therefore, before following the tips that I will tell you about quick indexing, once you read the content of your web page from the user's point of view, think about whether your content is useful or not. If your answer is yes, follow the steps below:

#1. Request For Indexing

The simplest and easiest way to index a web page is to enter the URL of your web page in the top search bar of Google Search Console and then click "request indexing".

After doing this, your web page will go to Google for crawling, and if your web page is OK, your Web page will be indexed in Google within 24 hours.

#2. Submit Sitemap

Submit the location map of your blog to Google Search Console. If you have already sent it, check once whether your Sitemap file was successfully fetched or not.

 If your Sitemap file was successfully fetched, check whether the new web page is added or not in the sitemap. By the way, in CMS such as and WordPress, the new web page is automatically added to the sitemap.

#3. Internal linkage work

Internal link: it is very important to index your web page quickly and it also helps in ranking your blog.

They also crawl all the links on Google's web pages. If you internally link your new page to an old Web page that is already indexed in Google, the chances of indexing the publication will increase.

#4. Publication in the table

If you fix a publication schedule, the chances of indexing your web page will also increase. If you created one post after leaving one day, continue to publish the post on this schedule and also set a time for publication of the post.

Using this, Google will know about the publication of your new post, so that your web page can be indexed quickly.

#5. Write unique and good content

Write unique content on your blog. If you copy/paste, then why Will Google index your web page Google already has this information.

You add some unique things to your article and write such content so that the reader gets some benefit.

These are some of the How to quickly index a blog in Google. By now people must have understood that these five methods will help you Index your blog quickly.

FAQ: For Indexing Issue

Q – will any indexing problem occur by changing the content, title, and description of the indexed web page?

If any of your web pages are indexed in Google and you change the content, title, and description of this web page, then in this case you may have to face the problem, if you put content contrary to Google guidelines on this web page, your web page may be Deindex it will be. But if you put valuable content and content that follows Google policies on this web page, your web page will be easily indexed.

Q – How do we know if our website is indexed in Google?

To find out if your blog/website or web page is indexed in Google, you can search the Google website: if you have your website or view a web page, it means that your web page is indexed in Google.

What I learned: How to quickly index a blog in Google

Through this article, I told you How to quickly index a blog in Google following the five methods mentioned in the article, you can quickly index your web page in Google.

I hope you liked this article I wrote, share this article with your friends too, and if you have any queries, you can ask it in the comments box.

Thanks for reading the article to the end.

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