What is the Google EAT and how to increase the EAT score

What is the Google EAT and how to increase the EAT score

What is Google EAT – today SEO has become very advanced, it is no longer limited to keywords and content. Especially since Google makes its search engine very smart. Google continues to provide new updates from time to time. One of them is Google EAT.

Google EAT will be a huge ranking factor in 2023. Therefore, we cannot ignore the concept of EAT in SEO. In today's article, we will tell you what is Google EAT, what kind of Website is essential, and how you can increase your EAT score.

After reading this article, you will be able to understand the Google EAT algorithm and you will also be able to increase your EAT score. So let's start today's article and know the complete form of EAT before knowing Google EAT.

What is the Google EAT and how to increase the EAT score
What is the Google EAT?

Google EAT Full Form

  • E. Expertise.
  • A. Authoritativeness.
  • T. Trustworthiness.

What is Google EAT?

"Google EAT is a concept according to which Google guarantees the accuracy of the information provided to internet users and is provided by the right people".

As you all know, Google is the largest and most trusted search engine in the world. That's why Google wants information that reaches people, it must be correct and written by the right people. Now the question comes to how Google will know whether the person who registers content on a blog is right to write content on that blog or not?

To find out, Google updated its algorithm and removed the concept of EAT. According to Google, whatever content creator they publish on their website, should be published according to EAT guidelines. First, let's understand each one by one. Then you will know all the other things coming :

E. Expertise

Expertise means expertise.

The niche on which the blog is written, and if you are an expert in this field, you will benefit from it in the ranking. But if you write a blog on this place where you do not have a good understanding, then your website will hardly rank on Google.

Suppose you write a blog about Finance Niche and you don't have a lot of information about finance or you are not a person related to the field of finance, you will not get any benefit in the ranking. That's why you always write blogs on the topic in which you are an expert.

A. Authoritativeness

Authoritativeness means right.

Whoever provides the content by creating a blog on the internet, this person or the author of the blog should have the right to write content on that blog.

Let's say you have created a blog about health, then you must be a doctor or you must be a person related to the field of medicine to write content in the blog. Only then will you have the authority or authority to write a blog on the Health niche.

To check your authority, Google will look at your profile on various social media, and you will see what other websites are saying about you. If your profile is found everywhere by Google as a doctor, Google will consider you as an authorized person to write a blog on the Health niche. This also increases the authority of the blog and the author of the blog.

T. Trustworthiness

Trustworthiness means Trustworthiness.

Google also sees how people interact with your content. How much they trust your content, and how much they share your content. Google tracks every user activity on your blog. If Google feels that people trust your content, it will benefit from it in the ranking.

Which Website is important to EAT

By now you should have understood what Google EAT is, and now it is also important to figure out what kind of niche the concept of EAT is important for.

EAT is fundamentally very important for ranking the type of YMYL site (your money is on your life). Before proceeding, tell us the type of website called the YMYL website.

What is the YMYL website?

YMYL is a website where users are provided with tips on money and health. This type of website tells information about the user's health and finances, and this type of website comes under YMYL. Such as health, finance, insurance, and e-commerce. Now find out which websites EAT will have the greatest impact on.

Health, Fitness, Diet, Nutrition

If you write a blog on the Health niche, your ranking will only improve when your blog follows the author's EAT guidelines. Because health is a very delicate topic. If you provide false health information, people's lives may be in danger.

Finance, Insurance, Investment

Websites such as finance, insurance, and investment are websites where people are given suggestions on where to invest their money. Therefore, providing false information on this type of website can sink people's money. Therefore, the concept of EAT is very important for these sites as well.

e-commerce Website

On the e-commerce site, the user has to fill in his data such as bank account information, credit card, debit card, etc. There is a possibility of cheating with the user on this type of site. The e-commerce website also comes under YMYL.

How to increase the degree of EAT

To improve your EAT, you should keep in mind the four things mentioned below :

1. Create an author profile

When creating a blog, Be sure to create an author profile in your blog. So Google can find out who is writing content on your blog. If you write on your own, tell yourself how experienced you are in the topic on which you write a blog.

While writing a blog on Health, tell about all the hospitals in which you worked in your author's profile.

2. Create a profile on social media

Create accounts in various social media for your blog writer. And make all calculations professional. As if your blog is on health, then in the social media profile you also have to tell the author of your blog as a doctor. Be sure to add the blog author's social media profile to your blog author profile.

3. answer the questions on the forum website

There are many forum sites where people answer questions, such as Quora. You create your profile on the forum website and answer questions related to your blogging niche. This will go a long way in improving your EAT score.

4. create a backlink from a related site

When you create a backlink, you create a backlink only on the website related to your niche. When you create a backlink from a high-authority website related to your niche, Google also begins to trust your website. If you follow these four tips, your EAT will improve and your website ranking will also improve.

What I learned: what is Google EAT

Through this article, we have shared what is Google EAT and information about it with you. We hope you have learned a lot about EAT from this article, I hope you liked this article, friends. Also, share this article with your friends who want to get acquainted with SEO.

Thanks for reading the article to the end.

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