What is the robots.txt file: how to create one for your website

What is the robots.txt file: how to create one for your website

If you are a Blogger or SEO user, you must have heard of the Robots.txt file. But do you know what the Robots.txt file Why is it made What are the benefits of making it And how to make it?

If you want to know the answer to all the questions posed above, then read this article in full. I have told you the complete information about the Robots.txt file in detail. I sincerely hope that after reading this article you will not need to go to any other website to get the same information.

Let's start today's article without delay and find out the complete information about what is the Robots.txt file in simple words.

What is the robots.txt file: how to create one for your website
What is the robots.txt file?

What is the robots.txt file?

The Robots.txt file is a file through which webmasters direct search engine crawlers which pages of a website should be crawled and which pages should not be crawled.

When we create a blog or website, the robot or crawler of the search engine crawls each page of our website and then indexes it. But there are also some such pages on the site for which we want this page to remain private. That is, search engine crawlers should not crawl it. The filter is used Robots.txt to give these instructions to the search engine crawler.

Definition of Robots.txt File

The Robots.txt file in the Website is the file by which the search engine crawler is directed to which page of the website should be crawled and which page is not crawled.

How the works Robots.txt file

In a previous article, I told you how search engines work. It has two main functions, one is crawling and the other is indexing.

When any search engine robots come to our site, they, first of all, look for the Robots.txt file and see the instructions you got. Accordingly, he crawls the website and indexes it. If the search engine bots did not find the created Robots.txt file, they crawl all the pages of the website.

All trusted search engines strictly follow the instructions of the Robots.txt file. Such as Google, Bing, etc.

Why is Robots.txt File Created?

A question should come to your mind, which is why do we want some pages of our site not to be indexed whenever a blogger creates a new blog, he wants to index all the pages of my website as quickly as possible.

Let's also find out the answer to this question. When search engine crawlers come to crawl a website, they have a certain amount of time and resources to crawl a website, which is called the "crawl budget".

That's why we want crawlers to quickly index all the important pages of our site with limited time and resources that can affect the rating of our site. The Robots.txt file is used for this purpose.

By creating the Robots.txt file, search engine robots will not crawl that page of the website that is not important for the website of the Web page. You can enter the category, tags, author, administrator, etc. You can prevent the indexing of pages from the Robots.txt file.

Advantages of Robots.txt

You get many benefits from creating a Robots.txt file, such as :

  • Important pages on the site are indexed quickly.
  • Crawling to a special page can be turned off.
  • You can block any low-value page on the site.
  • You can make good use of the crawl budget.

Robots.txt File Format

The Robots.txt file format. is something like :

User Agent – *

Allow : /

Disallow : /

In this format, user agents mean search engine crawlers. As if we provided instructions only to Google Bots, we will write Googlebot in User Agents, similarly, we will use Bingbot to give instructions to Bing. But if we want to instruct all search engine robots, then we use the *sign.

In the Allow section, we ask you to crawl the web pages that we want search engines to index.

In the Disallow section, we add web pages that we want search engine robots not to crawl. So this was the basic format for the Robots.txt file. which is very easy to understand.

How to Create a Robot.txt File

I'll tell you how to create a Robots.txt file in both Blogger and WordPress.

Robots.txt File For Bloggers

To create a Robots.txt file in Blogger, follow the steps given below :

  • First of all, go to the Settings option in the Blogger control panel.
  • After that scroll down and go to the option of crawling and indexing programs.
  • Now you have to enable the Robots.txt file. custom.
  • Next, you should create a Robots.txt file. custom and add it to The Blogger website.

What is the robots.txt file: how to create one for your website
Robots.txt File For Bloggers.

Robots.txt File For WordPress

Follow the steps given below to create the Robots.txt file on WordPress. This is for the Yoast SEO plugin.

  • Go to the search engine optimization (SEO) option in the WordPress dashboard.
  • Now click on the Tools option.
  • Here you will get the File Editor option.
  • You can add the Robots.txt file to your WordPress site by clicking on the File Editor option.

In the Rank Math plugin, you will get the Robots.txt option in the sidebar itself, and you can edit Robots.txt as soon as you click on it.

How To Check Robots.txt File Of Website?

With the help of this URL address shown below, you can see the Robots.txt file for any website.

  • https://example.com/robots.txt.

In example.com, enter the domain name of the website for which you want to view the Robots.txt file on its website. Like the Robots.txt file on our website.


FAQ For Robots.txt File

People often ask the following types of questions about Robots.txt :

Q – How to see the Robots.txt file on any website?

To view the Robots file.txt use the address URL this – example.com/Robots.txt example.com along with the name of the website you want to display the Robots.txt file.

Q – Why is the Robots.txt file being used?

The Robots.txt file is used to give instructions to the search engine crawler about which page of which website should be crawled and which Page should not be crawled.

Q – How can I stop crawling a web page?

You can stop crawling any Web page using the Robots.txt file.

Q – Where is the Robots.txt file located?

The Robots.txt file is located in the root folder of the website.

The last word: What is the robots.txt file

Through this article, we told you what is Robots.txt File, Why is the Robots.txt file is being created, how to make it, and give you information about almost all important things related to Robots.txt. After reading this article, you should have understood the importance of the Robots.txt file for any website.

If you still have any doubts about the Robots.txt file, you can ask by typing in the comment box. If you liked this information, don't forget to share it with your friends via social media.

Thanks for reading the article to the end.

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