How to promote a new blog - 7 tips

How to promote a new blog - 7 tips

When a new blogger creates his blog, he wants his blog to reach as many people as possible, and for this, he promotes his blog. But the new blogger does not know How to promote a new blog in the right way. That's why I wrote this article to solve the problem of the new blogger.

In this article, I told you about 7 ways to promote a blog, where you are regularly active, and then more and more people will know about your blog.

Most new bloggers understand that by placing a link to their website on various platforms, sites, or groups, the blog will be promoted, which is very wrong. You don't have to spam by placing a link to your website from one place to another, you should read the entire article to find out the correct way to promote the site.

So, friends, come straight to your point of view and learn about the right ways to promote a blog.

How to promote a new blog
How to promote a new blog - 7 tips.

What is a blog promotion?

Whenever we create a new blog, the new blog will not appear in the search engine, since more people do not know anything about our new blog. We use many ways to make our new blog reach more and more people, this is blog promotion.

How to promote a blog

In promoting a blog, you will have to work hard at first, every day you will have to devote at least a couple of hours to promoting your blog, and only then you will get a little traffic on a new blog. But one thing to keep in mind is that your content should be powerful, if your content is not able to satisfy the user, then no matter how much you promote the blog, you may not get good traffic.

Now let's get to the point and find out what those seven methods are.

1. promoting the blog on the Quora website

Quora is the best platform for blog promotion. Quora is a forum website, where people answer questions. In Quora, you must create an account with the email ID and the topic on which you are writing the article, that is, follow the forum related to the place of your blogging Niche.

Then answer people's questions, and also add a link to your blog in it. With this, when the user reads your answer, he will also come to your website by clicking on the link, and the traffic to your website will increase. Also keep in mind that in Quora, don't add your link to every question.

2. promote the blog on social media

Social media is the best way to bring instant traffic to the blog, when creating a new blog, you should also create an account or page on various social media with the name of your blog, and whenever you post a new blog article. If you do, share it on social media too. This will bring traffic to your new blog and your blog will start to appear in people's eyes.

You can use some of the following popular social media platforms to promote the blog. But it is worth remembering that at first, you should regularly share the article.

  • Create a Facebook page called Blog.
  • Create a business page on Pinterest using a blog name.
  • Create an account on your blog on Linkedin.
  • Create a Twitter account.
  • Create an account on Reddit, if your blog is in English and you want to bring traffic from outside the country, you should use Reddit.

3. promoting the blog via YouTube

You should all know the YouTube site, which does not like to watch various kinds of videos on YouTube. If you have time, you should create a YouTube channel for your blog and publish videos regularly. Insert a link to your blog in the video description, Send the viewer to your website. This way your blog traffic will also increase and your YouTube channel will also grow.

4. promote the blog by Guest Post

Guest Post is a very popular way to promote a blog. You can order a guest post from a blog with high authority and high traffic related to your niche, if this blog will accept guest participation, then you should write a post to this blog owner, in which the link to your blog also occurs.

With this, some readers of that blog will also come to your blog, and the popularity of your blog will increase. You can contact the owner of the blog related to your site dedicated to guest posting. By the way, guest posting on most top authority blogs is not free, and not all blogs accept guest posts either. That's why you can contact 5 - 10 blog owners.

5. promoting the blog on Wikipedia

Wikipedia is one of the largest websites on the internet, visited by millions of people every day. You can create your Wikipedia account using Gmail ID and add some additional information to Wikipedia articles related to your blog, and put a link to your blog post in Anchor Text.

In this way, you will also get a backlink from a website of the supreme body such as Wikipedia, and some users will also come to your website. While editing any Wikipedia article, keep in mind that the information you provide must be correct and the link must be relevant to the article. Otherwise, the Wikipedia team removes the information you added.

6. comment on the blog

On any topic that you wrote in the article, enter a good comment on the article of the website that ranks in this topic, and also add a link to your blog in the comment. When the blog owner approves your comment, you will also get a backlink without a follow and some traffic will also come to your website.

While commenting on the blog, Keep in mind that there are not too many backlinks to comments, you should give your link only in one or two comments per week.

7. paid promotion of the site

If you want your blog to get full traffic right away, you can also advertise your blog on Facebook and Google, this will bring a lot of traffic to your blog. The advantage of paid traffic is that you can show your ad only to people who are interested in the niche of your blog, which is not very expensive.

If you want to provide any service or sell a course through your blog, then you should run a paid ad, if you have a simple blog, promote your blog in the six ways listed above.

Last words: How to promote a new blog

With the seven methods mentioned in this article, you can promote your new blog and get traffic, but you always have to keep in mind one thing is that your content has to be strong only then your blog will gain popularity because you also have to know that content it's King.

I hope that after reading this article you must have understood How to promote a new blog, if you liked this article and learned something from this article, then share the article with your friends on social media as well. Help them too.

Thanks for reading the article to the end.

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