What is a CDN and what are its benefits for the site

What is a CDN and what are its benefits for the site

Do you know what a CDN is and how useful it is for a website? If you are a blogger or want to make a career in the field of blogging, then understanding CDN becomes very important for you.

A CDN network is very important for increasing the speed of any website. If you've heard the name CDN somewhere before but don't have enough knowledge about it, don't worry.

I will give you complete information about CDN with examples in simple words. So that all your doubts related to CDN are removed. Let's start this article.

What is a CDN and what are its benefits for the site
What is a CDN and what are its benefits for the site.

What is a network CDN (what is CDN)

The full format of CDN is Content Delivery Network.

Definition – CDN is an intermediary that makes a copy of the website content on the server from a different location so that the content is delivered to users from a different location from the server from a different location and the speed of the site increases. CDN is mainly used to increase the speed of the site.

This has become the definition of CDN. Now let's figure out what a CDN is. For all sites that exist in the internet world, the data of each site is stored in the server. From where the data is presented to users of various sites.

Submitting data from the same server to users from different locations loads the server. But if a CDN is used in the website, the data will be served from different servers, due to which there is no load on the main server and the speed of the Website is also not low.

An example of a CDN

Let's understand from an example, let's say that the data of our site is stored on a server in Turkey, if a visitor is going to come to our website from America or any other country, it will take a long time to access the data, and the loading time of the website will increase.

Now if we connect our website to the CDN network, a copy of the content of our site will also be created on the US server.

Similarly, a copy of our site will be created on the servers of all those sites from which traffic will come to our site. Due to our site data reaches everyone quickly and will not be uploaded to our main server either. This means that the speed of our site will increase.

Let's understand it better with an example. Since the main server of the YouTube website is located in America, if you are running YouTube from Turkey, it will take time for the data to reach you from America, and uploading any video will take a lot of time, until you do not turn on YouTube.

To work around this problem, he used the YouTube CDN, as a result of which a copy of the YouTube data was also created on the server of Turkey. Now the data will come to you from the turkey server, where the video is uploaded within a second.

The benefit of CDN for Website

There are many benefits of a CDN for a website, some of which are listed below :

1. Increase page speed

The speed of your website increases because your website data is served by different site servers. In such a situation, when a user comes to your website, the content of your website loads quickly. Due to the fast loading of the site, users will want to visit your website.

2. Improves Google ranking

Website speed is a huge ranking factor that cannot be ignored. If a user accesses your website and your website takes a long time to load, this will hurt the ranking.

But using a CDN increases the speed of the website. Increasing website speed also improves website ranking because Google wants the website to load in less time.

3. Prevents the server from crashing

When a website becomes popular, website traffic increases because there is a risk of server downtime. Because there is more load on the main server.

But using CDN, the problem of server downtime can be avoided because using CDN does not load the main server. The content of your website is served by different servers in different locations. This eliminates the risk of server downtime.

4. Handles more traffic

Using a CDN, the content of a website is served on different servers on different sites, due to which the site can easily cope with the traffic of a million people.

5. Improves user experience

How a user interacts with your website is called User Experience. Using a CDN increases the loading speed of your website so that users like to visit the website. The user experience on your website is also improving.

6. Website Secure

CDN increases the security of your website. Relieve DDoS from CDN, security certificate, etc. The security of your website is increased by functionality. Due to the protection of your website from hackers.

7. Provides a free SSL certificate

CDN provides you with an SSL certificate for free for life. Due to it, you do not need to purchase an SSL certificate separately.

8. Reduces bounce rate

If a user comes to your website and your website takes a long time to load, the user will not be able to access your website correctly and returns to the Google results page, and then the bounce rate of your website increases.

Using a CDN increases the site's speed, so the user stays on your site for a long time, reducing the bounce rate.

Which CDN to use on the site

Many free and paid services on the market provide CDN for your website. You can use the CDN services of any company for your website. Below is a list of some popular companies that offer CDN.

CDN Provider List :

Last words: What is a network CDN

So friends, through today's article, we tried to give you good and complete information about CDN, by reading what you should understand is CDN and how useful it is for our website. If you learned something from this article, then you should share the article with your friends on social media. So that others can also get help.

Thanks for reading the article to the end.

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