What is a network CDN and what are its benefits for the site

Do you know What is a network CDN and how useful it is for a website? If you are a blogger or want to make your career in blogging, it is essential that you understand CDN.

Any website's network is critical to increasing its speed. If you've heard the name CDN somewhere before but don'T know enough about it, don't worry ،

I will give you a simplified explanation and complete information about CAD with examples in simple words. Until all questions about your CDN have been answered. So, let us get started.

What is a network CDN and what are its benefits for the site?
What is a network CDN.

What is a network CDN (what is CDN)

The full form of CDN is the Content Delivery Network.

Definition – CDN is an intermediary that copies the content of a website to a different website server so that the content is delivered to a different website user from a different website server and the speed of the website increases. Rhea is mainly used to increase the speed of the site.

Then this became the definition of CDN. Let's look at what a network CDN is. For All websites in the online world, the data of each website is stored on a server. From where the data is presented to users of different sites.

Data sent from the same server to a different site user places a load on the server. But if CDN is used in the website, the data will be served from different servers, because there is no load on the main server and the speed of the Website is not low.

Example of CDN

Let's understand with an example, let's say that the data of our site is stored in the servers of Turkey, if visitors come to our website from America or any other country, it will take time to access the data, and the timing of loading the site will increase.

Now if we connect our website to a CDN network, a copy of the content of our website will also be made on a US server.

Similarly, from whatever country the traffic will come to our site, a copy of our site will be created on the servers of all such sites. Thanks to it everyone will have access to the data of our site quickly and there will be no load on our main server. That is, the speed of our site will increase.

Let's understand it better by an example. Because the server's main YouTube exists in America, then you are running the YouTube of Turkey, it would take time to access data from America, and it will take you a long time to download any video until you run YouTube.

To work around this problem, use the YouTube CDN, and as a result, was created a copy of the data, YouTube is also in the server Turkey. Now you will get data from servers.

Turkey, from which the video is uploaded in a matter of seconds.

Advantages of CDN for website (Benefit of CDN for Website)

There are many advantages to a website, some of which are mentioned below :

1 – increase page speed

Your website speed increases due to your website data being served by servers from different locations. In such a case, when a user comes to your website, the content of your website is loaded quickly. Due to the fast loading of the site, users will want to come to your website.

2 – improves Google ranking

Website speed is a very big ranking factor and cannot be ignored. If a user arrives at your website and your website takes a long time to load, this will have a negative impact on ranking.

But the use of CDN increases the speed of the site. Increasing website speed also improves website ranking because Google also wants the website to load in less time.

3 – prevents server crashes

When a website becomes popular, site traffic increases due to the continued risk of server downtime. Because the main server gets more load.

But using a CDN can avoid the problem of Server Crash because the use of the CDN is not loaded in the main server. The content of your website is served by different servers in different locations. Because of it, the risk of server crashes is removed.

4 – handles more traffic

With CDN, the content of the Website is served by different servers in different locations, so that the site can easily handle the traffic of a million people.

5 – improves the user experience

User Experience refers to how a user interacts with your website. Using a CDN improves the loading speed of your website, making it more appealing to users. The user experience on your website also improves.

6 – secure the site

Improves your website's security. Relieve DDoS of CDN and security certificate etc. The security of your website is increased by functionality. Because your website remains safe from hackers.

7 – offers a free SSL certificate

Provide you CDN SSL lifetime certificate for free. Because of it, you do not need to purchase a certificate SSL separately.

8 – reduces the bounce rate

If a user visits your website and it takes too long to load, the user will be unable to use it. access your website properly and returns to the Google results page, then your website's bounce rate increases.

Using CDN increases the speed of the site, resulting in the user staying on your site for a long time, reducing the bounce rate.

Any CDN to use on-site

There are many free and paid services on the market that provide CDN for your website. You can use the services of any company for your website. Here is a list of some popular companies that offer CDN.

CDN Provider List :

Last words : What is a network CDN

So friends, through this article today, we have tried to give you good and complete information about CDN, by reading what you must have understood What is a network CDN is and how useful it is for our website. If you learned something from this article, share the article with your friends on social media as well. So that others can also get help. Thank you.

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